“Locksmith near me” – is it the best Locksmith in Philadelphia?


As a company, we hate to hear stories of locksmith’s upcharging due to a person’s age, gender or income level.  When you are searching Locksmith near me, make sure you do your research!  You will be able to see, in a users google my business or bing local page, the feedback clients give.  You can bet, if someone is upcharging, it is present in there reviews.  Keep in mind, we DETEST these stories.  Getting into the locksmith business was and still is about helping people get to where they need to be.  Stories such as these tend to ruin the image many locksmiths have with their geographic areas.  We want to urge you to look harder for a philadlephia locksmith who puts you first.  The price of a service should be consistent, whomever you may be.


Getting your car unlocked, your residential home or your business in a TIMELY fashion, is imperative.  There are a few outliers, but most of the time, gettting your secure is of the utmost importance.  If you accidentally lock yourself out of your car or need to get inside your home, you typically don’t have the most time.  What is especially frustrating, is if you reach out to a locksmith in Philadelphia, they give you a time, and they don’t show, for hours.  Not only do your stress levels, and negative emotions start to rise, but  you are most likely missing what is happening in your daily life.  We recommend confirming the time with the locksmith.  On our end, we can attest to simply being busy or traffic if we are late.  Even so, poor planning, is not an excuse.  Make sure you remember your locksmith’s name, and his number.  Check in regularly, and be sure they are on time.  Keep tabs, and you will be happy!  You can greatly assume, Top Notch will be on time, and will be ready to get you on your way.

Customer Service

We do understand, when you are locked out, you are not in the best mood.  How could you be?!?  You are most likely stressed, perhaps soaking wet in the rain or simply in a terrible mindest due to a potential accident.  Ensuring quality customer service is imperative.  Are they courteous, are they prompt, do they fully explain the pricing prior to administering service?  These key factors of the locksmith industry are pivotal to follow.  What is the point of getting into business if you are not providing incredible customer service.  At Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, your happiness is pivotal to our success.  We strive to make every single client happy, and thankful after our service.  Do not waste time with a company who does not care about you.

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If you are looking for a Philadelphia locksmith, please look no further than the incredible company that is Top Notch.  We strive for excellence.  If you need residential lockout services, commercial lockout or a new set of transponder keys, we can help!  With decades of experience, a multitude of certifications, we are the company to get you to where you want to be!  Contact us today!