Transponder Keys – The Future Of All Keys

What is a transponder key exactly?

A transponder key is a type of automobile key which has an inner key stashed inside, and also has a transponder chip inserted into the device.  The, no longer, newer types of keys have become extremely popular with a multitude of car brands during the 1990 ear.  They are still considered a great device, and have been used over almost every single brand today.  Transponder keys not only look sleeker, but work faster, and are more efficient.  There are a multitude of other facets built into transponder keys as well: window unlock/roll down, turning the car on from afar, and more!

How does a transponder key work?

Transponder keys work hand in hand to auto immobilizers which are installed/manufactured into a car’s ignition system.  Each transponder key is detailed and programmed to align with a car’s engine control unit.  Once the transponder key is pushed into the ignition chamber, the clearly correct device will allow your car to ignite by disabling the immobilizer system.  If a transponder key is not programmed or cut correctly, you automobile will not be able to start.  Not a chance, its how they are designed.

How would I know if I need a transponder key?

As any Philadelphia Locksmith will know, if your car was bought in the past 20 years, new, there is a VERY strong chance it requires a transponder key.  Not all, but most.  Realistically, any modern car manufacturer has some sort of keyless entry system setup as a pivotal piece of a vehicles security system.  Even so, so key cutting locations in Philadelphis do offer transponder key cutting servidces.  Most car owners, on the flip side, will need to go to their local dealership.

Are you in need of a new transponder key in Philaldephia?

Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, the Top Rated Locksmith, are able to send a locksmith to you to get a new key made.  Typically, we should be able to accomplish the task at your location.  Since technology has sky-rocketed in the past few years, getting the job done on the spot is quite possible.  If not, we will be able to get you a new key within 24 hours.  If you are in need of an immediate transponder key, simply type in, “Locksmith Philadelphia“.  We will be there as soon as possible!

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