As the top locksmith Doylestown recommends time and again, we have received a plethora of inquiries over the past few years about transponder keys.  How much are they?  Where do I get them?  How do I get them programmed?  Are dealerships the only placed to get a replacement or a repair on this type of key?  Top Notch focuses on not only providing incredible customer service, but also keeping our demographic informed and educated in the locksmith industry.  Learn more now about transponder keys below!

Transponder Keys – Can someone tell me what this is?

For the greater part of the past 3 decades, most dealerships focus on adding vehicles which have transponder keys.  One of the original intents with the device was to focus on the anti-theft feature and the increase in overall security.  These types of keys are not simply for automobiles, but actually for businesses, residential houses, electronic gates, garage doors and so much more.

Essentially these types of keys use a specific type of signal, with microchips, to send communication from the device, to the remote receiver on the other end.  The specific piece of equipment has a unique identifier which should be unique to the vehicle or end user the transponder is trying to connect.  Of course, if you try to use a different transponder key with your vehicle or home, it will not work.  The device and the receiver must be a match, 100%.  While these transponder keys are quite similar to their cousins, key fobs, there are still some major differences between the two.

When we are speaking directly to vehicles, and how these types of keys associate, typically there is a key placed into the locking device or (and 100% the current version) there is a signal sent with a specific serial number to the ignition or internal system of the vehicle.  This allows the transponder to open the vehicle, start the vehicle, and so much more.

Your Doylestown Locksmith Knows – Safety is Important

These types of keys are miles ahead for the sake of security than the standard key.  Transponders have a plethora of advantages, but mainly focus on: ease of use and preventing theft.  If you do not own or have not had a chance to use a transponder, this may come as a shock.  These keys are great!  They can turn on vehicles from inside your home, preset your seats, open your windows, and most importantly – make it very easy to lock and unlock your vehicle.  There is nothing better than both hands full of groceries, and leaning against your vehicle, and the car unlocks.  The transponder chips can also sense by proximity which allows, an ease of use.  The second portion focuses on preventing theft of your vehicle.  If someone tries to break in or steal your vehicle by combining wires, it is almost impossible.  If the transponder key is not in proximity the car will not start. This heightened level of security allows these owners to relax and have a peace of mind.  While we do like to boast about these devices, please keep in mind, nothing is 100%.  We always recommend to follow standard practices in respect to protecting your asset.

I Need To Make A Copy Of My Key In Bucks County

While it may not always be apparent on the direction you should take if you have misplaced, been robbed or potentially own a malfunctioning transponder key, we always do recommend trusting in a tenured Doylestown Locksmith. Top Notch Locksmith PA is able to get a new key created for you, replace batteries and help with repairs.  The general assumption is a dealership is the only place where you can get a new transponder key made.  Fortunately, this is not true by any means.  Locksmiths are actually wonderful resources to help get a new key made or duplicate.  We always recommend reaching out to a locksmith company who is tenured, licensed, and insured.

The Price Is The Price Is The Price – For Transponders

When we are speaking to our top frequently asked questions, the price of a transponder key DEFINITELY ranks near the top.  Yes, getting a replacement or a new microchip or a transponder key is definitely more expensive than the traditional key.  The physical and technical components far outreach the cost of a new piece of metal cut.  The main reason these keys are so expensive are the microchips.  If you do not get this portion updated correctly, you will not be able to start the car or operate the car correctly.  We do note, transponder keys are typically more expensive at the dealership.  We 100% recommend to call a few locksmith companies and dealerships before making a decision.  It could save you up to $100 to do your due diligence!

Self-Programming Transponder Keys – Good Idea?

No.  No you cannot program this key by yourself.  100% reach out to a locksmith or in the last care, a dealership.

Contact Our Locksmith In Doylestown

If you need a new transponder key, a repair or potentially some assistance with installing or connecting, 100% trust in Top Notch Locksmith PA.  We are licensed, insured, and able to get to your location as quickly as possible.  If you do need our services for transponders, please let us know the type of vehicle you have, make and model, and as much information as we possibly could need.  The more information the better we can supply a realistic quote over the phone.  Contact us for a locksmith quote today!