When on hears Castle Valley, you may immediately picture a castle… in a valley.  Go figure right?  Well this is exactly what the small area located in Bucks County is all about.  Whether we are titled as a Doylestown Locksmith or a Bucks County Locksmith, its all the same to Castle Valley residents.  As we get into the thick of the county, CV is nested right in the Doylestown area.  While currently assumed or part of its larger cousin, we still value the uniqueness, and the history of this great castle on a hill overlooking a valley.  If you are a current resident or perhaps someone who is an avid history buff, such as most of the Top Notch Locksmith PA team is, you will find wonder in this short tale of how Castle Valley came to be!

A Bucks County Locksmith or a Castle Valley Locksmith: One boulder at a time

Now for someone who may not be the most familiar with the history of Castle Valley, this headline seems to be a bit obtuse.  On the opposite side of the coin, if you are all-knowing, this is almost a dead giveaway to how the city was built/came to be.  The story begins with a man named Tom.  Tom had a brilliant idea, which we agree, to build a castle on top of a hill.  This castle overlooks a sloping valley.  Get it?  See how straightforward the name is? Ok, we digress.  Tom took time, in a similar fashion to the Egyptians building the pyramids, to carry each stone up the hill, day by day.  His goal was to build a magnificent castle on top of the hill to overlook everything or everyone.  Disclaimer* – we are not sure how wonderful Tom may have been and his intentions.  If you are reading this and Tom was a tyrant, we are happy the city came to be, but happy to hear our correction as well.  After a bit of time of chopping down trees and carrying stones, the castle came to be.  Tom, with all his hard work, did end up passing, but we can guarantee his spirit lives on with the residents who preside in Castle Valley.  Now as a locksmith in Bucks County, Castle Valley is one of our stopping points.  We don’t get the most calls from the area, we but can guarantee we jump at the opportunity to meet more incredible people from this area.  Learn more about our locksmith services below.

The Locksmith Castle Valley Recommends For New Locks

While the city isn’t the largest, and truly more of a town, we still get a majority of phone calls for this area about getting new locks or repairing current locks.  We love helping out the residents in CV, but we would love an opportunity to work on the castle or the mill.  We can understand why the owners want to keep the current locks, and have an updated CCTV system, but the history in these locations cannot be argued.  Even so, not every home/residence is a castle in the town, and we are happy to provide as much detail as possible for the best type of lock for you.  Now keep in mind, something we tend to smile about, most residents think they just need their lock repaired.  There is a chip, who cares about the rust, can’t you just add “this” or “that”.  While we can empathize we holding onto the past, when we are speaking to security, we couldn’t be more serious about our recommendations to protect your home or assets.  While older locks may fit the rustic feel, by no means do they keep you safer than the new age type of locks.  As we noted above, CCTV is a newer type of security which has been added to specific buildings, but we at least recommend updating your lock type.  The strength of a lock can be the difference between keeping your things safe, and a break in.  While we will always explain the pros and cons of each lock type, if you have been quoted by another locksmith, we will break it down.  We refuse to do a disservice to our demographic by not providing the most information possible about their protection/security.

Auto Lockout? Call Our Doylestown Locksmith (ahem Castle Valley)

Doylestown is the city most people reference when thinking of Castle Valley.  Whether we are speaking to either or car lockouts tend to happen, a lot.  Even in such a quiet area, where distractions seem to disappear, we tend to get calls for these types of jobs.  As we have marked throughout the website, we will never just simply come out once you call.  We will help you on the phone try to recall exactly where the key may be.  If its in your car, and you can see it, 100% we are on the way.  If in fact you are not sure, we will happily help retrace your steps.  We aren’t in the business to simply complete a task, but to actually help people.  A part of helping is doing our part to help you before we are needed.   Typically, locksmiths are a last resort, and we are more than happy to help at this point.  Remember to check everywhere, then check again.  Of course, if its an emergency, do not hesitate to reach out immediately.  Your safety is important.

Contact The Best Locksmith In Castle Valley

Overall, we truly enjoy taking a trip to Castle Valley.  If you see us paused on the side of the road or parked, you can safely assume we are just taking in the lovely scenery of the area.  We didn’t have a chance to list every service above, but we also offer all types of residential, commercial and key services. Broken key?  We can repair it.  Want to upgrade to a transponder key? Of course!  These types of jobs are quite typical for any locksmith, but back of the hand for our locksmith team.  We are highly rated, reviewed and recommended by all of Philadelphia.  If you are in Castle Valley, Doylestown or Bucks County, do not hesitate to contact us today!