As time continues to pass on, New Britain seems to hold true to its values.  Having a such a rich and treasured history with such incredible citizens, our New Britain Locksmith can 100% assume why the past has been so protected.  The small town is simply beautiful.  If you are gazing off into the farmland, seeing the horses and cattle meander about, with a somber but true ring of a church bell in the background, you are most likely in New Britain!  New Britain or “Bitting’s Corner” or “Bitting’s Store or most recently, “New Brittain” are all speaking to the same town or same geographic location 35 miles north of Philadelphia.  This small town speaks to an interesting past with name changes, location changes and more.  Did you know this city actually started off as an estate or colonial house?  The entire city centered around an original building.  To be honest, something which continued after the colonial house burned down.  Yes, yes it did, burned right to the ground.  After the accidental or intentional burning the town sprang back up through travelers as well as the construction of the New Britain Church, originally the town got its name.  Shortly after, the name on the rail road station was New Brittain, and finally in 1999, the town name was added into the Geographic Names Information System as New Britain. New Britain, Old Britain, Britttan with 3 T’s our locksmith company doesn’t care, we just love the people!  As Locksmith in Bucks County, we tend to visit this small town more often than one would think.  We are always met and greeted as a town resident ourselves.  Sometimes it is so hard to leave because we are invited in for dinner!  No joke!  Above all, as we are treated with such kindness, we of course enjoy returning the favor to help these citizens out of their locksmith troubles.  Here are some of, but not limited to, the services we offer in the little town of New Britain.

New Britain Locksmith, # 1 Service: Auto Lockouts

While we like to look back in the past to the better times, the more peaceful times, life is no longer as quiet.  Well… perhaps a bit more quiet in New Britain than our Philadelphia Locksmith would note, but nonetheless, the world is getting louder.  There used to a time where keys were not needed.  Keys?  Who needs them?  Our horse and carriage will stay put as long as I put the leash/rope around this pole.  Keys?  Who needs them!  I take the railroad every day to get to where I need to be.  I rarely frequent the larger city of Philadelphia since my work is at home!  Well, fortunately/unfortunately cars were created, keys were made, and roads were established.  Whether we view this as a luxury or an inconvenience, the fact is… people can still lose their keys and get locked out of their cars.  Our locksmith team has noted this is the number 1 reason to visit New Britain, car lockouts.  No no, we aren’t alluding to NB residents as forgetful more than most, but simply noting the need for service.  New Britain isn’t exactly a booming city with rows and rows of commercial businesses.  Even so, if you happened to lock your keys in the car or perhaps haven’t been able to find them in a few days, we 100% recommend calling our auto locksmith or mobile locksmith service.  With multiple locations in Philadelphia and outside, we can get to your home/work/sitting on the side of the road asap.  What is nice, Top Notch has been in business for a while, and our pricing tends to match.  We will always offer the best possible price for auto lockouts.  We know from first hand experience how frustrating they can be!  Please keep in mind to mention as much about the lockout as possible.  If we can help over the phone we can.  Of course, we always recommend to do one final check before reaching out!

Bucks County Locksmith – #2 Service in NB – New Locks

As one could have guessed if under pressure, residential services are quite the close second for our locksmith team.  Specifically, getting new locks on buildings, barns, sheds or homes.  We sometimes chuckle to ourselves when we arrive to a location, and notice how old the lock is.  Believe it or not, its like a gem we find in the rough.  Something truly only a locksmith would love.  As we tend to hear, “Just throw it away”, we’d prefer to keep this moment in history.  Even so, lock changes or lock replacements are quite the hot service in the New Britain area.  Now if you have called another locksmith company or perhaps are just reaching out to Top Notch, we ALWAYS recommend to price shop.  Something to keep in mind with locks, the quality.  If Top Notch, a trusted locksmith, is recommending a specific type of lock, we are mostly doing so out of experience.  We are aware you cannot use a cheaper or extremely expensive lock because it just doesn’t make sense.  Buyers beware of locksmith companies offering extremely low prices for new locks.  They are aware these may break or may be faulty, and will expect a call down the road.  Top Notch loves to get calls from current/past customers, but 100% not for the same thing.  Sometimes, and in the locksmith world, price and quality go hand in hand.  Just think of what the lock is protecting, is it worth it?

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If you are looking for a trusted locksmith who will greet you with a warm smile with extreme patience and transparency, do not look any further than Top Notch Locksmith PA.  We specialize in automotive, residential and commercial locksmith jobs, and revel in getting calls from our neighbor in the North.  As a citizen of PA and the Philadelphia DMA we will have your back and will help when you are in need.  Do not hesitate to reach out to our locksmith service if you have an emergency or simply just a few questions on out service!  We would be happy to explain further.  Of course if you are aware of the service you need, please contact us today for quote!