1. What To Expect With Locksmiths and Lockout Services

    Using a locksmith for the first time can be daunting, maybe even a little awkward. After all, you just call somebody to come let you into your car, they let you in, and you’re on the way. It can seem a little too simple and perhaps a little unsafe to someone who’s never used a locksmith for being locked out of their car or home. We’re here to put your mind at ease. With years of locksmithing…Read More

  2. Rekeying Locks vs Changing Locks – Explained by our Philadelphia Locksmith

    Rekeying vs changing locks.  Most do assume they understand the difference, but unfortunately we see time and time again, constant confusion on the subject.  Changing locks vs rekeying actually is quite different, and one can save you a bit more money down the road.  Most of the time, when users see these two options, they make a decision based on what they have invested.  Typically this is a …Read More

  3. Bad Tenants – Get Your Apartment Rekeyed by a Philadelphia Locksmith

    Our Top Philadelphia Locksmith Has Seen It All - Bad Tenants Are you an apartment or a complex owner?  Have you had someone who no longer wants to live in your space or perhaps does not want to pay?  We hope there is a smooth transition away from these current/ex-tenants, but we also understand, sometimes it gets a bit intense.  Whether the tenant may not be able to pay or perhaps a lovers spat…Read More