1. Philadelphia Locksmith Tips For Keeping Track Of Keys

    Are you someone who is constantly losing your house or car keys?  No no, we don't mean theft or need a locksmith for car key repair for broken keys, our Locksmith Philadelphia leans towards in their time of need is specifically speaking to loss of car keys.  Yes, we are speaking to all the forgetful people who live in or around Philadelphia!  Now don't you worry too much, we aren't trying to be…Read More

  2. Call A Philadelphia Locksmith – Keep Your Mind Straight – Car Keys Are Lost

    Having seen hundreds to thousands of car lockouts over our tenure, and in life, we can greatly understand how frustrating it can be.  Not only do you feel potentially foolish, but this is a major hindrance in your day, and potentially, your week.  On top of the time wasted or self-pride, your wallet will need to be utilized to help get you out of this situation.  As noted in other blogs, and on…Read More

  3. Lost or Broken Car Keys In Philadelphia (Part 2)

    As we started in our prior blog, What to do if you lost your car keys in Philadelphia , our Philadelphia Locksmith wants to take you through a few types of common questions about losing your car keys, needing to speak to the dealer and more.  While we completely understand this situation can be above and beyond frustrating, we do want you to practice patience.  If all else fails, get in touch wi…Read More

  4. What To Do If You Lose Your Car Keys In Philadelphia (Part 1)

    Misplacing, losing or "accidentally" forgetting where your automobile/car keys are, can be extremely aggravating and frustrating.  We completely get it.  You may have had an entire plan setup for the day, late to get the kids to school, on the way to a new job interview, needing to get to school for an exam or any extenuating circumstance near or far from the examples above.  By far one of the …Read More

  5. Everything You Didn’t Realize Your Locksmith Could Do

    Top Notch Locksmith has been growing our customer base all over the Philadelphia area for years and we’re not about to stop now. Whether you’re in Levittown, Bensalem, Moreland, Abington, Warminster, or even in the heart of the Philadelphia itself, we’ll do whatever we can to get to you quickly. Need a lock change performed at your office? We’d love to help you with that. Did you recently …Read More

  6. Why Is My Car Key Stuck? And Other Car Key Questions Answered

    These days, there are an abundance of different car key options, which inevitably raises questions about who to call when something goes wrong. While most turn to the dealership from which the car was purchased, this isn’t your only option—nor is it necessarily the best option. A local auto locksmith can often provide the same quality car key repairs or replacement, and since many have a mobil…Read More

  7. Mobile Locksmiths Save Time With Car Key Repairs

    For most of us, it’s hard to remember a time before transponder key fobs became the norm. Now, it’s just a habit we don’t even need to think about; just point, click, and unlock the car before even reaching it. When armfuls of groceries get in the way, it’s a pretty handy invention. But when that little key fob dies, it can be a bit of a pain. Sure, the car will still unlock with the actua…Read More

  8. Is a Mobile Locksmith Covered by Roadside Assistance?

    When something happens to your car, most of us choose to turn to our auto insurance provider for help. After all, accidents happen; insurance is there to help us protect against those unforeseen circumstances. For example, if someone happens to rear end you or side-swipe your car because the road is icy, that’s a situation that’s more difficult to predict or prevent, so auto insurance will oft…Read More

  9. What is a Mobile Locksmith?

    As we’ve mentioned once or twice in previous blogs, a Philadelphia locksmith can help with more than just accidental lockout situations. We can install, repair, or replace locks, crack safes, and even swap out the ignition in your car, for example. However, we do still help out when you’re locked out! Those locksmith emergency situations are, generally, where a mobile locksmith team most frequ…Read More