1. Our Bucks County Locksmith Notes: Quality Assurance Security Checks

    Do you own a commercial business in Bucks County?  As the top Bucks County Locksmith, we service a plethora of areas, and many small to medium sized business establishments.  With some of the major cities we frequent, and noted in this blog: Bensalem and Doylestown, we actually visit smaller areas as well, such as: Buckingham and Bristol.  As we have been in business now, for a fair amount of t…Read More

  2. Reasons To Call A Philadelphia Locksmith

    Are you looking for a locksmith Philadelphia can trust when locked out of your home, car or business?  When you are having a tough day, and make a mistake, do you need help from a trusted Philadelphia locksmith?  Of course you do.  While we may have a general idea of when to call a locksmith, sometimes we need reminders of some of the services our company and other companies provide.  If you a…Read More

  3. Our Philadelphia Locksmith Recommends: “What to do when locked out?”

    Have you recently been locked out of your home? Our Philadelphia locksmith gets daily phone calls and messages about this specific instance!  Do not worry, we most likely have heard every single excuse on being locked out of your house.  We just want you to be safe, and ensure your property is safe as well.  Being a tenured locksmith in the Philadelphia region, we happily service users in: Bens…Read More

  4. The Locksmith Philadelphia Calls In Their Time Of Need: Burglaries

    As anyone could greatly assume, seeing or being involved in burglary is an insanely intense experience.  Whether it stems from arriving home after vacation seeing a broken window or door, waking up the next day with broken glass on the kitchen floor with electronics missing or being involved in an actual break-in with your family asleep, burglaries are something you can hope to prevent.  As a Ph…Read More

  5. Hints At Finding The Best Philadelphia Locksmith – Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

    Locks are extremely imperative in keeping your assets, belongings or family safe.  Locks protect us every single day, and typically we do not take the time to truly understand their value.  The times we do take a deeper look, we are most likely in a precarious or unfortunate situation, such as a: car lockout, home lockout or needing a new transponder key.  In these types of instances, ensuring …Read More

  6. Locked Out Of The House w/ Pets – Philadelphia Locksmith Tales

    We can completely understand, life is stressful, especially in the Philadelphia area.  With all the excitement from kids, to work, to relationships, to money, to worries, to everything, things can get a bit crazy.  We get it, and we understand.  Things can get overlooked.  Coming home from work, dealing with the insane traffic from Philadelphia DMA on your way home, focusing on that most recen…Read More

  7. Rekeying Locks vs Changing Locks – Explained by our Philadelphia Locksmith

    Rekeying vs changing locks.  Most do assume they understand the difference, but unfortunately we see time and time again, constant confusion on the subject.  Changing locks vs rekeying actually is quite different, and one can save you a bit more money down the road.  Most of the time, when users see these two options, they make a decision based on what they have invested.  Typically this is a …Read More

  8. When The Power goes out: Ideas From the Locksmith Philadelphia Depends On

    Chances are if are/have been a resident in the Philadelphia area, you have most likely experienced a power outage in your home or business. Power outages happen, and they are much more common then people tend to realize. Now comparing specific home outages vs city outages, can be a different cup of tea. When a town/city/DMA experiences this calamity, many spiraling notions can happen post outage. …Read More

  9. What To Do If You Lose Your Car Keys In Philadelphia (Part 1)

    Misplacing, losing or "accidentally" forgetting where your automobile/car keys are, can be extremely aggravating and frustrating.  We completely get it.  You may have had an entire plan setup for the day, late to get the kids to school, on the way to a new job interview, needing to get to school for an exam or any extenuating circumstance near or far from the examples above.  By far one of the …Read More

  10. Did you lose your spare key? Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia can help!

    Spare keys are fun, especially when you lose them!  Ensuring you have your backup is important, but in all reality - in respect to automobiles, there are not a ton of spaces you can keep a spare.  We will go through some examples you may already do or know, BUT we may shock you with some of the more clever locations.  While it is important to have a spare, calling a locksmith who can answer the…Read More