1. Experience Matters: Why You Should Hire a Professional Locksmith

    When something goes wrong and your locks jam up, it makes sense that you’d call your local locksmith. After all, they’re the ones trained to handle pretty much everything lock and key related. But when you’ve got a smaller job that needs to be done and it’s not necessarily a time-sensitive issue, it’s easy to think you can save money by going to your local hardware store and getting the …Read More

  2. Locksmith Services: Securing Your Vacation Rental

    While Philadelphia may not be as alluring a vacation spot as, say, a beachside property in Hawaii or a ski chalet in the Rocky Mountains, our fair city still attracts a hearty number of tourists every year. After all, Philadelphia is a city rich in American history, in addition to all the amazing culture, food, and sporting events. There is plenty to bring people from across the country to visit o…Read More

  3. Winter Weather Woes: Are Your Locks in Trouble? Part 2

    This winter, snow may slow down your morning commute, cause pipes to burst, even cause roof damage from too much heavy snow. Unfortunately, a bit of frozen precipitation can cause everything from a minor annoyance to sizeable damage. On top of all those things you need to prepare for in regards to your family and your car to weather winter safely, there are several things you’ll want to prepare …Read More

  4. Winter Weather Woes: Are Your Locks in Trouble?

    With winter weather comes rolling in, most of us expect a few changes in our day to day routines. It may mean getting up earlier to clear the driveway of snow or scrape ice off the car. Winter weather generally also means allowing longer time for the morning commute because of slower traffic speeds on the snow. And, of course, it means the daily struggle to get all the kids into their winter coats…Read More

  5. Choosing New Locks for Your Home: What to Know About Picking Locks (But Not Lockpicking)

    Home security is one of the top concerns for just about every homeowner. After all, your home is there to keep you and your family safe. Of course, every lock on your home matters, whether we’re talking about doors, windows, or even the garage door security. Yours can hardly serve its protective purpose if it’s as easy for a burglar to get in as it is for a fly. Studies and statistics on home …Read More

  6. Protecting Your Home: How Locksmiths Help Home Security

    It probably sounds pretty simple to say, but we have locks on our homes, businesses, and vehicles to protect them. As these are places that we keep the things most important to us, the thought of being robbed is a pretty heart-rending one. If you’re concerned about your home’s security, here’s the good news: you don’t need to invest in a high-tech home security system that costs thousands …Read More

  7. What Can a Mobile Locksmith Do?

    When you accidentally lock the keys to your front door inside your house and tug the door shut after you, well, it’s probably already a less than stellar day. Thank goodness there’s a locksmith shop a couple miles away. You can just pop over and- Wait. Your car keys are probably attached to the same keyring as your house keys, aren’t they? Getting over to the locksmith for help might be a pr…Read More

  8. Learn Our Secrets: Unexpected Locksmith Services & Tricks

    Some days, especially when nothing seems to go according to plan, accidents happen. When you lock yourself out of the house or you drop your keys before slamming your car’s trunk closed, there’s no need to fret. Your local locksmith can come pop the lock and get you back on track quickly and easily. But that’s not all we do! Just think, how dull would it be if all we did day-in and day-out w…Read More

  9. Up Your Security With These Keyless Entry Types

    Your home is not only where your family safely sleeps at night, but it’s where the important memories and irreplaceable items from throughout your life are stored for safekeeping. Natural occurrences like fire or a flood can be disastrous and, unfortunately, difficult to protect against. Home burglaries can be just as destructive as a flood sweeping through; however, thankfully, they are easier …Read More

  10. How Locks Are Picked & How to Protect Your Home

    When it comes to home security, one of the biggest concerns most people have is with their locks. At Top Notch Locksmith, we regularly get asked which locks are the best for security purposes and, subsequently, which are the hardest locks to pick. Particularly with the advent of online shopping, obtaining a lock picking kit is easy, whether or not it’s legal in your area to have one. With the ea…Read More