1. Commercial Philadelphia Locksmith Services: What we can do for you!

    What are the types of commercial locksmith services does Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia Provide? As a small business owner, Top Notch can attest to the difficulties starting a business.  After starting the business there are so many aspects to look into, it can become extremely overwhelming.  From payroll, to employee happiness, to data protection, to overhead, to daily activity... it is DAUNT…Read More

  2. Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia – Pricing For High-Security Door Locks

    Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith Advice - Pricing Your High Security Locks Right off the bat, we want to mention, "You get what you pay for!"  This is ever-present in the security industry.  This may be an age old tale, but an important one.  If you are looking to protect your commercial business or property, do NOT skimp on protection.  Think of the hundreds to thousands of dollars you put i…Read More

  3. High Security Commercial Door Locks: Advice from the Top Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith

    High Security Commercial Door Locks: Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith Tips If you are looking to improve your overall security for your commercial business, we do recommend a few types of high-securty door locks.  Keep in mind, when looking for a new piece of hardware or a new security system, the brand, type, and function is extremely important.  As the top Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith we…Read More

  4. The Things Your Commercial Locksmith Should Tell You About Your Master Key System

    If you’re running a commercial business, you need a master key. Businesses get broken into far more than homes because they have more valuable items to steal. If a burglar breaks into a business they aren’t risking getting shot by someone who collects Glocks and semi-automatic weapons. If they break into a business, it’s easier to grab the till or a few pieces of merchandise rather than spen…Read More

  5. How to Avoid Commercial Locksmiths Scams

    As a reputable and widely well-reviewed Philadelphia Locksmith, we feel it’s our duty to help you steer clear of potential locksmith scams. We’re familiar with how most folks find a locksmith when they’re in a pinch: they google “locksmith near me” and whatever the first result is they click on it and call the number attached to the business. What isn't acknowledged by many is that there…Read More

  6. A History of Commercial Panic Bars

    Welcome back to our blog page here at Philadelphia’s best option for residential and commercial locksmith services: Top Notch Locksmith. As the area’s leading team of Top Rated Local® locksmith professionals, we’re used to offering a variety of services and we’re more than accustomed to meeting the needs of the great people of this area with their home, business, and automotive locksmith …Read More

  7. The Value of an Excellent Commercial Locksmith, Pt 2

    At Top Notch Locksmith here in Philadelphia, we’re able to meet your residential lock and key needs by coming out to your home and providing you with excellent and trustworthy locksmith services. We’re able to meet your commercial locksmith needs to coming to your Philadelphia place of business and providing you with whatever service you’ve found yourself in need of. We’re also able to off…Read More

  8. The Value of an Excellent Commercial Locksmith, Pt 1

    Welcome back to our blog page here at Top Notch Locksmith! As Philadelphia’s leading commercial and residential locksmith, we’re familiar with all kinds of reasons to need our high-quality services. Philadelphia area people have called us for home and business lockouts, lock changes, commercial services like panic bar installation and high-security lock and key apparatus, and so much more! Whe…Read More

  9. The Best Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia Has Ever Seen

    It is always important to remember, dedication to one's job isn't simply about showing up every single day.  It committing to a lifestyle.   As a tenured Philadelphia locksmith I have seen some incredible sights in the downtown, and middle-eastern areas of Pennsylvania.  Typically, being in a "locked out" situation can seem like a perilous time.  Heart-beats more rapidly, breathing increases,…Read More