The world of locks, and thus the world of locksmithing, has changed rapidly over the last few decades as technology advances and provides more and more ways to stop criminals. Whether you’re thinking about upgrading your home or business, we have smart locks that can keep you secure from anywhere.

With security systems and smart locks from Top Notch Locksmith in Philadelphia, you can make sure your home or business is secure anytime and anywhere. Just having your phone with you will give you constant assurance, as you can check security statuses and lock your doors from wherever you are.

Locking and Security From Your Phone

With a smart system from Top Notch Locksmith, your home or business can start to enjoy a range of benefits that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Here are just a few of them:

  • Security monitoring from your phone – You could be at thirty thousand feet and still lock your door in Philadelphia.
  • A view of who’s coming and going – We have technology to record both who comes to your door and who comes through it.
  • The ability to change your lock at any time – Never worry about old employees or house guests getting into your home.