If you’ve lost your keys or damaged a lock and need to get into your home right now — call Top Notch Locksmith and we’ll be there without delay.  With having multiple locations scattered across the Philadelphia DMA, we have the ability to alert the nearest technician to get to your quickly.  Another major advantage, our tenure.  We are not scrambling to make ends meat, and our service speaks for itself.  You will always get the most competitive and fair pricing with Top Notch.  No hidden fees!  While we have noted some of the services above, there can be a lot to do with lockout services for residential homes.  As for the rest of our residential locksmith services, we’re proud to offer residents of Philadelphia and its neighboring townships high-quality lock and key repair and replacement as needed. Striving to exceed expectations about home and emergency locksmith companies, our technicians set the bar for prompt attention, friendly service, and technical skill.

Trust, A Philadelphia Locksmith Promise

Understanding that trust is the underlying foundation of all locksmith services, and is a non-negotiable feature for any homeowner searching for a local locksmith, we adhere to rigorous hiring practices, employing only those local technicians that have passed our almost-impassable standards, not to mention every background check we threw at them. As your trusted local locksmith company, we believe it is our duty to take care of your family while acting with the highest level of professionalism and friendly attention.

After decades of offering residential locksmith services across Philadelphia, we proudly excel in the following:

  • Emergency residential unlocking
  • Home lock rekeying
  • Lock installation and repair
  • Mailbox lock and key installation or replacement
  • Broken key removal
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Safe removal
  • Keyless entry system installation
  • And so much more on request

Locked Out of Your House – Call Our Locksmith Philadelphia Looks To For Residential?

Getting in touch with Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia is the quickest and most affordable option to your home/house lockout.  Did we happen to include… its a lot cheaper than breaking your window?  Windows or window panes can be quite costly to replace, especially if the lockout may be only a moment.  Of course, we can understand the need to break into your home if the situation calls for it.  Some examples would be: stove or oven is on and you can see an apparent flame.  Anything with fire?  Break that window or get inside. Clearly, you cannot wait.  This type of idea also focuses on children.  Now if they are of a particular age, and you can trust, fine… keep an eye.  If they are younger, and the parental instinct kicks in, by no means can we stop you.  Get your baby and keep them safe.  Truly another common reason to break into your own home is weather.  If you had to run outside to the car to grab something in your slippers in the middle of December at night, and can’t get back in?  Your physical safety is very important.  Then again… the car may be a good spot to wait.  Now while you are waiting, make sure you call a refutable locksmith with a lot of great reviews.  Even better?  If they are Google Guaranteed.  Top Notch Locksmith PA is!   If they are not, they have not been reviewed by Google nor background checked.  While we always assume our industry has the best intent, we do not know each company.  Please ensure, if you are not using our company, you 100% focus on a business who is licensed, insured, and safe.  Do not simply let anyone into your home who may appear “trustworthy”.  Keep your home and assets safe!  A lucky part, most of the businesses in Philadelphia are trustworthy.  We would 100% recommend to check and double check.  All Top Notch employees are background checked, approved to drive most vehicle types, marked in uniform, friendly, and happy to assist.

Need a Rekey?

Getting your home rekeyed, is quite simple, and actually pretty quick.  Top Notch has a mobile locksmith unit which can bring the rekeying service to you.  We 100% do not recommend going to a retailer to update your keys or get your keys rekeyed.  We have heard too many instances where the key does not fit identically in the respective lock.  Trust in a professional locksmith to complete this task, and you will be rewarded.  Whether you have just purchased a new home, potentially experienced a break in or simply would like to update your security, we can 100% help.  The process of re-keying is decently standard: replace the pins of your specific lock cylinder.  Make sure you have the right size.  Get a new set of keys, which fit the lock.  If there is a smooth turn, and click, you should be set.  Please be prepared to let our technicians know how many doors you would like this new set applied to, and how many keys you would like copied.  We do tests all keys, post creation, but please be sure to have ANY other company test and double test.  There is nothing worse for a homeowner than arguing if a key worked or not.  Just a Top Notch tip!

Get In Touch With Our Locksmith In Philadelphia Team Today

Find out the true meaning of Top Notch by contacting us for both emergency and standard services today.  As a company who specializes in residential locksmith services, we of course do not recommend anyone else!  We promise a prompt and courteous response with a smile across Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  Please remember, if the service is truly an emergency, and we cannot make it to you in the adequate time to solve the solution, please let us know.  We will not take it personally and will recommend the next best locksmith company we can trust to help you.  We got into this business to help increase security but also ensure our Philadelphia clients are safe, no matter who they use!  Make the first step to Top Notch, we will always have your back.