Are you locked out of your house? First things first, take a deep breath and try not to panic! We know it’s definitely a frustrating experience, but that’s where the Top Notch Locksmith team is here to help. Here’s what you need to know about handling a home lockout experience. 

Handling Home Lockouts In Philadelphia

Getting locked out of the house is more than frustrating, it’s potentially dangerous, especially if you have young kids. The first thing you should do in any emergency lockout situation is to make sure everyone is safe. If your young children are locked inside, it might be worth seeing if they can let you in. If your kids are too young to help, or in an unsafe position, it may be worth calling 911. This will get help to you faster, but they will likely need to break in, rather than open the lock. If you can avoid having emergency services break in, that can save your door, but always prioritize your family’s safety first. 

In any lockout situation or being locked out of your home, apartment or residence, it’s important to find a safe place to wait and then to call a local Philadelphia locksmith to come unlock the door for you. We can unlock the door without damage to door or lock, which isn’t something you get when you call emergency services. So, if you’ve locked yourself out of the house, or your house key has broken, call your local locksmiths! There’s no need to wait for regular business hours, either. Our emergency locksmith services are made for lockout situations, so you can get the help you need quickly. 

Top Reasons from our Philadelphia Locksmith To Be Locked Out Of Your Home

As many blogs and other pages have referenced, it may definitely feel a bit embarrassing to be locked out of your home.  I mean come on… its your house!  While we have heard a bunch of very dramatic reasons to be locked out, typically spousal reasons, we wanted to list a few more common reasons which we hope to make you feel a bit less embarrassed.  At the end of the day, we are all human, and life is only getting busier as the years go on.

  • I locked my keys inside – Can you see them?  This is one of the most COMMON instances.  You can literally see your keys from a crack in the front door or from another window.  If you had the power to morph through objects, you could literally grab them with your hand.  While we understand the frustration, we will be able to help!
  • My pet has locked me out – Yes!  Can you believe it?  It happens a lot.  A pet nudges the door you just had open to grab the mail or perhaps while you were out back working.  Oh yes, man’s best friend can be the culprit.  To add to the dismay or humor, sometimes we are literally inches away (through glass) near your pet as we work.  Of course, don’t blame them, but perhaps keep a spare key outside or in the car
  • My kids have locked me out – Now… this one, we like to smile inside.  Sometimes it can be quite urgent where your child is small and perhaps not aware of what they have done.  Sometimes they could be inside with a oven/stove which is on and active.  Sometimes we can hear the fear and urgency, and we will focus intently on opening your door.  Now on the other side of the coin, and where we tend to smile, your child did it on purpose.  Just remember, they are a mini you, and didn’t do it in malcontent.  While we hold back our smile and open the door, we can just assume the next conversation which is about to ensue behind closed doors.
  • Spare key?  I never thought I needed one – We can understand how the above situations are out of your control, EXCEPT the fact they could all be remedied with a spare key.  If you lost the original, get another. Having a secret spare key to get you back inside can save you the hassle, time, and money from calling a locksmith.  Remember to be unique with your hiding spot.  There are a bunch of fake rocks you can buy online or simply place the key under the mat, but come on people… get creative.  There are probably a multitude of areas you can hide your spare key.  Do you not have enough space?  Leave it with a friend of neighbor.  Heck, hide the key on the neighbors property, put it in a tree!  Something!  Don’t let this be your excuse for needing a residential locksmith.

Local, Professional Help Philadelphia Locksmith Services

If you’re locked out of your home, get the help you need from a local Philadelphia locksmith team.  As noted above, we want to ensure you are safe first.  Pending time of day, it may be important to wait at a neighbors or with a friend while you wait on our locksmith service.  With the ability to travel quickly to our prospective clients due to multiple hubs, we may not always be able to arrive in a 20 minute window.  If its cold out or if its dark, we recommend safety first.  As we will have your phone number, and will simply call or text when we arrive, please do let us know if you are waiting at the neighbors.  If its dark out, we would like a heads up too!  While we are quite comfortable in Philadelphia, at night, we want to be protected as well.  If you can confirm your safety on the phone while we arrive, it helps our heart beat slow down a bit :). At the end of the day, we are here to help, and ready to rock, should you be locked out of your home. Connect with Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia when you’re locked out, and our experienced team will be there to help!