If, for whatever reason, you can’t get into your store, office, commercial property or warehouse today, don’t wait another valuable minute and call the Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia team right now. We promise quick and affordable locksmith service across Philadelphia so that you can get back to the business of doing business.  Some of our more common jobs for some of our commercial businesses fall in lines of new locks or rekeying.  Please be sure to ask as many questions as possible on the phone.  Our experience Philadelphia Locksmith will be able to recommend the best possible job for you.  One may assume they need a simple rekey, but depending on the situation, may be leaning towards new locks completely.  This by no means is an upsell, but more focused on saving you time and money.  While it may be apparent a certain job is needed, you may spend more on time wasted by needing a different service. Luckily for you, our locksmith team is tenured in the commercial industry, and will be prepared to ask the questions you may have forgotten or not knowing.  Even if this is not discussed on the phone, we will wholeheartedly recommend changes to your establishment when we arrive.  As a small business ourselves, the safety of our cities assets, and overall people is of the utmost importance!

Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia – A Commercial Locksmith

As a tenured business in the Philadelphia region, we provide free security consults to the business owners in the Philadelphia region.  This is due to the potential scope of specific projects, and the need to intricate practices.  We do offer personalized approaches to each individual commercial business, with a analysis of threats of weaknesses (if needed).  Our locksmith technicians are certified, qualified, and up to date on all appropriate technology needed for the potential task ahead.  With the thought of certification, qualification, being licensed, you can ensure we are taking the correct paths to complete a job.  There are no corners cut and no jumping over steps.  We take the time to provide extremely thorough work.  While we would love to hear from you again, we most certainly do not want to get a call back on a project we did not fully complete.  If this does happen, we will 100% remedy the situation on us.  That is a guarantee.  We focus on timeliness, but the fundamental understanding of new locksmith practices is huge for our team.  By attending conferences, seminars and training sessions, we are fully capable and set for any potential locksmith issue.  We jump ahead of the competition due to our incredible training program, and this allows to provide the best overall service possible.

Keeping your facility securely operating is our top priority, and an overall goal for our locksmith company. As Philadelphia’s premier locksmith, we simply strive to help local business owners throughout the region with all of their commercial locksmith and building security needs. With your employees depending on you to protect the business’ assets and equipment, it is imperative that you depend on a trusted Philadelphia locksmith to secure your business, from the front parking lot to the back exit.  If you need a custom job completed? Not a problem.  If you need a rekey, new panic bars, new keyless entry or simply an overall check for being compliant with city codes, not a problem.

We proudly offer superior service with the following commercial locksmith services:

  • Master Key Systems
  • High-security Lock and Key Apparatus
  • Emergency Unlock and Access
  • Panic Bar Installation and Repair
  • Routine Maintenance and Service
  • Change & repair locks
  • Key duplication
  • Business lockouts
  • Access control systems

Types of Commercial Businesses we service in Philadelphia

  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Strip Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Medical practices
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial location
  • Large commercial properties
  • And so much more!

High Security Commercial Locks

If your business or company is looking for a bit more extra protection for your assets or employees, look to Top Notch to help equip your business with high security locks.  This specific option is able to provide an advanced protection from breaking or trying to compromise.  There are aspects of  high security locks we recommend to look into: lock cylinders type, the specific type of metal, the strength of a bolt, drill protection, who has control of your keys, and the ability to actually pass through and bypass the security doors.  If you are interested in looking into high security commercial locks, we are more than happy to give you industry pricing.  Now please keep in mind, and noted for lock replacement and more, quality does have a direct correlation with the type of commercial lock you choose.  Not in all cases, but in most, the more expensive the commercial lock, the more you can trust the use.  The pricing comes with the materials.  If not, we can work towards another solution for the security of the business and or commercial property.  We are happy to assist!

Contact Our Locksmith In Philadelphia Today

Find out what true commitment and expertise can do for your business by scheduling your locksmith service appointment now.  As we have worked with many businesses in Philadelphia in the past, please let us know the business type we are working with.  We may have already been to your location, and will have a step up in completing the task.  From rekeying locks to working on commercial panic bars, Top Notch is here to help.  Please let us know if you prefer a quote over the phone or a more detailed quote in person.  While it may appear easy to quote a car unlock on the phone, commercial jobs tend to be a bit more technical.  If you are the owner or decision maker, no worries.  If you happen to be a mid-level manager, and need to get an instant quote, please be prepared to supply a fair amount of detail so we can actually provide the closest or best possible quote. We promise prompt and courteous attention, delivered with complete professionalism across Philadelphia. Call now to get started for any commercial job!