When the battery in your electronic car key fob dies, it can create a lot of unnecessary hassle. After all, think about how often you go out to your vehicle with hands full and just beep the locks open with one little press. It’s a lot harder to juggle six bags of groceries at once when you have to pull the keys out of your pocket and manually unlock the door. And we won’t even mention all the annoyance that comes from waiting around the dealership for hours just to get the key fob’s battery replaced.  This is just a small notion of our need for car key repair as the top Philadelphia locksmith.  While key fobs may lose battery, normal keys can also break naturally, break in the ignition (a whole separate service) or break off in the door.  Typically, car keys which follow the idea above, are a bit older.  It may be very cold or perhaps you are just a bit too rough with it.  We can recall a multitude of times where the patrons note how the lock wasn’t turning and they needed to force the key in to make it happen. While this may be a great shortcut to ensuring you are on your way, one must presume the detrimental damage this will do to your lock or automobile.  Did you know if you accidentally strip your ignition, you will have to pay thousands of dollars to have it updated?  Yep, from a simple key repair.  We always recommend investing in the short term fix to help alleviate the potential of a crisis or long term damage.  Remember to take a moment, and breathe.  You will calm yourself to the point of making an educated decision.  Think about the short term gain vs the long term pain.  Yeah, we rhymed it, but perhaps something you may remember before taking the matter into your own hands.  Take a moment to read a bit more below on our car key repair services.

Local, Experienced Car Key Repair In Philadelphia

No matter where you live in the Philadelphia area, Top Notch Locksmith is here to help.  With a mobile service, as well as multiple hubs across the DMA, we can get to you quickly, timely and with an award winning smile. We offer mobile locksmith services to make sure that a dead key fob is only a tiny inconvenience instead of a major hassle. Our Philadelphia locksmith team will come to you to replace or repair your car key so you can get going again faster — and save some money! Not only can we help you avoid sitting around the dealership for hours, but our local car key repair services are also generally less expensive. We come to you and we can save you money — it’s a win-win! Of course if we want to create the winning solution, being prepared before we arrive is imperative.  A rather simple bit of knowledge, but something we constantly have to help navigate: knowing the current key/lock you have.  Make sure you are prepared to answer questions on: type, age, where the break exists, current duplicates, and more.  With more knowledge comes the ability to quote at a better rate, and provide the best overall experience.  We do not aim to add additional costs, not spoken to on the phone, so make sure you give us all the details possible!  If a locksmith happens to note, “That’s a lot of information, thank you, but definitely more than needed..” you did your job :).  At Top Notch, we want to hear all the details possible!

We can repair or replace: 

  • Transponder keys
  • Sidewinder/laser cut keys
  • Electronic key fobs
  • Standard non-electronic keys
  • And more…

We can handle car key repair or replacement for just about any make or model out there. Our Philadelphia locksmith technician will even make sure that your electronic car keys are programmed to work with your vehicle so you don’t have to worry.  Even more so, we will test and retest afterwards.  Please keep in mind, we recommend testing all doors with the new key as well, before we leave.  While we do assume the best intent, there may be issues with the other locks and not necessarily the key.  A full test to see if the new car key functions appropriately is pivotal.  Once we have completely confirmed the full functionality of the key, we will be on our way.  It seems a bit wild to assume a key may not fit into all locks, but if we only are attempting to connect one key to one lock, we may not be aware or tasked with the others.  It is a simple check, but please ensure you explain everything you may be looking for.

Contact Our Philadelphia Locksmith for Car Key Repair Today

When looking for a local locksmith, Philadelphia residents choose the Top Notch team.  Why?  Its simple!  We provide incredible service.  Take a look at our Google my business page or Local Service Ads profile.  Our success is directly correlated to our happy customers.  We love to help our demographic and in return we have received a multitude of glorified reviews.  While we love to help get you on your way, we don’t always love to hear back from you.  Of course, we are ready to help our current or repeat customers at a moments notice, but it doesn’t exactly make us jump for joy when hearing from you again.  Clearly, you may be in a precarious situation.  On a positive note, it only will drive us more to ensure your second or third need it completely top notch.  Getting the smile from your face when we repair your car key, makes our day.  Its why we do what we do!  If your car key fob isn’t working or you have broken your car key recently, connect with us to learn more about how we can help.  As noted above, we love working in Philadelphia and would be happy to help.  Don’t wait and schedule repair services today!