Before we go any further with why you should always rely on a recognized, local Philadelphia locksmith — if you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle, call us now. We’ll be there before you know it to get you safely on your way.  It is very important for us to also remind you to ensure your overall safety before reaching out.  As many may be aware our Philadelphia DMA is notorious for wild and inclement weather.  Whether we are speaking to a freezing cold winter night or perhaps the calming summer day, when locked out of your car, ensure you are personally safe.  From calling a family friend, to your actual family, to a police officer or other, making sure you are safe while waiting for a locksmith is imperative.  As a car locksmith in Philadelphia, we will always offer to allow you to sit in our front seat with the heat on, but remember… we must get their first.  Learn more about our auto unlock services below now.

Why Choose Top Notch For Your Auto Unlock

With long-term, solid ties to the community, the Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia team has built a reputation across Philadelphia for trustworthy, high-quality, and affordable automotive locksmith services. Never using unscrupulous contractors to help you as needed, we guarantee that the technician that helps you is local to the area and is a valued employee, or even the owner, of Top Notch. What we quote for car locksmith service is the price we’ll charge, never taking advantage of your vulnerable position of being locked out of your car (like so many other contracted “pop-a-lock” guys). Rigorously screening each of our technicians, we promise client-focused care that is backed by integrity and personal responsibility.  It is important for us to note, some non-recommended ideas before calling a locksmith.  These ideas will only increase your overall cost for repair with our locksmith, let alone additional costs attributed to your vehicle.  Please keep in mind, we do not recommend breaking any windows to get into the car.  It will only take a moment for our trusted locksmiths to get into your vehicle without adding further damage.  Now of course, we understand the need for an extreme situation, such as a child in the car or a pet, but please keep in mind, it will cost you!  If in fact you do need to break a window, do not break the smallest window.  Even though it may appear as the least costly to replace, it is not.  It is actually quite expensive!  Another recommendation is not to try and break into the car yourself.  Whether this is leveraging your weight against a window to pop open or to push open the car door with a wedge or perhaps try to open the trunk with force, this will only cause further issues.  We will not be able to repair a bent door, broken automatic window or your unlocking mechanism with the door.  Again, if urgent, by all means get in there, but you will save yourself more over time when using a refutable and trusted locksmith.

We promise prompt, courteous care with the following auto locksmith services across Philadelphia:

Even more reasons to choose our Philadelphia Locksmith

It is our complete and total focus to continue being the top business in the area.  We take the time to train our employees, daily, to provide the overall best customer experience.  The locksmith industry gets an extremely hard rap when it comes to “professional service”.  Having been apart of a company, prior to taking on the entrepreneurial way, we saw it first hand.  When yo call Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia for a car key repair or a car lockout, you can trust to receive the utmost respect, incredible pricing, and overall a timely service.  As you most likely can tell, the woman in the photo on the page is a stock photo.  Even so, we work to ensure you are NEVER in a situation like the above.   We can’t always find images of our current clients in peril, and we never would, but you get the idea. Don’t simply call the first company you see, look for the the Top Notch name!  Please also remember, if we do not appear at first for your car unlock job, be sure to choose a refutable and tenured locksmith company.  Take the time to look into their reviews, and make an educated decision yourself.  Please also look to see who has responded to their reviews as an owner.  You can tell the agency/franchises from the local locksmith companies.  We always recommend looking local before calling a dealership or a franchise locksmith company.  The amount of care is not comparable!

Contact The Top Locksmith In Philadelphia

With a comprehensive list of car locksmith services available to those in Philadelphia and its neighboring areas, we guarantee Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia service from a Top Notch crew.  With multiple locations, and being an established/tenured business in the area, we will always get to you very quickly, and at a great price.  We always recommend to be as detailed as possible on any quote request phone call.  Pertinent details may include but not limited to: type of vehicle, location of key, type of key, current location, precluding steps, and so much more.  With more detail, we are able to give the most accurate quote possible.  As we tend to ask more questions than the average locksmith, it is important to provide true transparency with our clients.  If a locksmith is ever hesitant or fumbles with price, we politely recommend to look for another service.  Trust in Top Notch to help get you unlocked, and on your way today. Call us now to receive superior service at an affordable price.  If we are not able to get to the phone, please fill out a form on our website, and contact us today!