After a long day at the Willow Grove Park Mall, you and your family are happily trotting up to your vehicle.  You hear the familiar cry, “Dad! Open the door!” You think to yourself, why do they always try to open the door before I unlock it.  You reach into your pocket to grab your keys, but your hands grasp nothing. GREAT!  Looks like you have locked your keys in the car again.  You let the family know, but need to act quickly, the girls can get loud.

At Top Notch Locksmith, the Willow Grove Locksmith, we understand the need for a timely response.  Whether it is the family getting locked out after a long day or simply locked out trying to get to work, we get it, you need to be unlocked and fast.  Willow Grove is one of the major hubs for Top Notch Locksmith, and we love working here. The people and the history are why we keep coming back.  We have unlocked people reminiscing outside of the mall, thinking about the old times where the amusement park took over.  We have unlocked many a patron outside of the Upper Moreland Public library too.   With Willow Grove being considered as the edge city, we are happy to teeter to the brink.

While many citizens are aware of our auto unlock services in Willow Grove, we do provide a plethora of other locksmith services too.  We specialize in: automotive unlocks, commercial rekeying, residential unlock, key fobs, and more!  The best part of Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, we are always ready.  Call us, night or day, and we would be happy to come and unlock you, and get you on your way.

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If you are in need of a locksmith in the Willow Grove or Philadelphia region, please do not look further than Top Notch.  We have been working the in Philadelphia region for a multitude of years, and can get you where you need to be quickly and safely.   Many locksmiths like to overcharge based on the situation.  You can always ensure our prices are affordable, our locksmiths are trained, and overall, we provide the TOP service!