Did you know you don’t need to spend hours of your free Saturday waiting at the local car dealership to get your electronic key fob fixed? A local locksmith for cars, like the knowledgeable team at Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, can provide the same service in a fraction of the time—and no, we don’t mean we replace dead batteries. If your transponder key or electronic key fob doesn’t work, and it isn’t the battery, our team has the experience to repair or replace your car keys.  Remember, just search Locksmith Philadlephia to find us!

Locksmiths provide more services than unlocking vehicles or homes when people accidentally lock their keys away. In very general terms, if it involves a lock or a key, odds are good we have the skills and experience to help. More specifically, the team at Top Notch Locksmith can help with:

Locksmith for Cars

Some of the most common auto locksmith services we provide include repairing or replacing transponder keys, as we mentioned above, and unlocking vehicles when keys get locked inside. On top of this, if you have a lock that sticks, we can help repair it. If your ignition gives you trouble, we can re-key or repair your ignition and make keys as well!

Keyless Entry

From residential door locks, to commercial electronic key systems, we can assist with installation, repair, and guidance.  There are a multitude of advantages to using keyless entry for residential homes.  You can give a unique code to each family member, you can update with ease, and the authorities can be alerted immediately if there is a break in.  We do specialize in giving diretion on keyless entry systems.  On the commercial side, this is a no brainer in our area.  While we do like to assume Philadelphia is an absolutely wonderful city, there is potential for crime.  DO NOT MAKE THIS EASY!  Keyless Entry Systems for any business will increase the protection almost immediately.  We 100% recommend it.  On the other side of the coin, if you need to terminate an employee, instead of getting an entire new set of keys made, you can easily reset the codes.  Pretty cool right?

Residential and Business Locksmith

When it comes to local Philadelphia properties, the Top Notch Locksmith team can provide a wealth of services. We can install, repair, re-key, and replace locks—including keyless entry systems. If you’re concerned about security, our team can provide you with a security assessment for your Philadelphia home or business, including potential weak points and suggestions for how to remedy them.

Contact Top Notch

The Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia team is here to help with any of your lock and key needs. We work with residential, commerical, and industrial locations as well.  Our serivce is the epitome of perfection.  Please take a look at our reviews for backup! If you don’t see a service listed, don’t worry! This is not a comprehensive list of services. Simply contact us and we’ll provide you with a quote for locksmith services in Philadelphia!