If you’re hunting through web search listings for a “locksmith near me,” we imagine you’re probably in a hurry to get help. Whether a key has snapped off in your front door’s lock or you managed to lock your keys in the car, many instances that locksmiths help with are time-sensitive. That’s why Top Notch Locksmith offers quick, local locksmithing for Feasterville-Trevose. We have the skills to get you on the go again quickly. But that’s not all we do! We can also help with:


Auto Locksmith

We can do far more than pop a lock when your keys are stuck inside. One of our most popular auto locksmith services is one that can save you hours of waiting at your local dealership; we can repair or replace car keys, including those electronic transponder keys. We can also repair or replace your ignition, rekey both locks and the ignition, and, of course, provide emergency lockout services.


Home/Business Locksmithing

What you may not realize is that your local locksmith is probably the best resource for improving security. After all, the most high-tech alarm system is only going to be as strong as the locks on each door. We can repair existing locks or install new ones, or simply re-key existing locks for a quick security improvement. In addition, we can repair or install panic door bars and high-security locks for your local Feasterville-Trevose business.


Schedule an appointment with the Top Notch Locksmith team and see how else we can help improve security for your home or business. Or, if your need is more immediate, trust your safety to our swift, professional locksmithing services. Call us today!