locksmith-bensalemOften, when you have issues with lock or key, you need help quickly. However, you’re trusting your car, home, or business to a stranger, so it’s important to be sure you’re getting help from a knowledgeable, trustworthy locksmith. At Top Notch Locksmith Bensalem, we are licensed, insured, and bonded, so you can trust in the work we provide. Even more importantly, we are a local locksmith company, which means we do more than simply work in Bensalem; building those community ties is important to us, and has been for decades. It is our pleasure to work in this area!  We look for as many opportunities as we can to give back. Such as saving money on locks.  

When you need to pop a lock on your car, install keyless entry systems on your business, or re-key locks on your home—or anything in between—the Top Notch Locksmith team is here to provide you local locksmith services you can trust! Some of the services we provide include:

Improving Security

Whether you need new locks installed, you’re interested in a keyless entry system, or you simply want your existing locks re-keyed, keeping your home or business secure is important. At Top Notch Locksmith Bensalem, we want you to feel assured that your Bensalem property is as secure as possible. We are happy to come out and provide a thorough security assessment and give you options to fix any potential problems we find.

Commercial Bensalem Locksmith Services

Do you have a commercial business in the Bensalem region? Are you a member of a school, bank, strip malls, warehouse, department store or apartment?  Well you are in luck!  We specialize in commercial locksmith services in the northern Philadelphia area.  From master key systems, to high-security lock and key setups, changing locks and repairing, setting up electronic key systems, duplication of keys and so much more.  We completely understand, whether you are a manager of a large organization of an entrepreneur, your business assets MUST be protected.  Please keep in mind, when some locksmiths hear the word Commercial, they see $$ signs.  While we can all assume these types of jobs do typically come at a higher cost to the consumer, we fully recommend shopping around.  The best locksmiths will have higher organic rankings, as well as high maps rankings.  To be completely honest, the best thing to do… call the companies!  Ask us or them questions about how we price.  If someone balks or is not confident, this is a true sign to look the other way.  When it comes to local Bensalem businesses, we want the best.  We are a small business in Bensalem ourselves, and pride ourselves by working in the area.  Keep in mind, we actually offer commercial services as well to Multifamily homes or apartments.  Think about a new tenant.  We also offer eviction services which not only protect your location, but your assets and employees as well.  We will ensure an entire building rekey or reprogramming your keyless entry system.  You can 100% be safe knowing our pricing is always affordable and competitive.  We do not upcharge for any services, and strive to provide quality service to any commercial business.  Do not hesitate to reach out to our Top Notch Locksmith team in your time of need!

Emergency Locksmith Services

Occasionally, accidents happen. If you’ve managed to drop your keys in the trunk, locking them in, it’s important to get help quickly, but also to trust the Bensalem locksmith coming you help you. The Top Notch Locksmith Bensalem team lives and works locally, and we keep up all of our licensing so you know you will receive friendly and professional services when you need it most. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are every in a precarious situation.  If we are not able to assist, we will recommend the best possible company to handle the situation.  While having the ability to use multiple service locations across the Philadelphia DMA, we also are connected with a network of companies.  Rest assured!

Just Google Search Locksmith Bensalem

Having a secondary location in Bensalem, is absolutely wonderful.  Bucks County has been home to a few of our technicians in the past, and we love working in the area.  While Philadelphia is a great area to help a mass amount of users, we do love take some steps back, and working with the smaller towns in the north.  While we do appreciate the slower pace, we do not change our attitude or our focus on ensuring the job we are tasked for, is completed on time, at a great price, and with the utmost respect to our demographic.  Please be careful when googling for specific locksmiths.  While we do value the industry and the reason we got into the business, please try to be wary of imitators.  Make sure the locksmith company is tenured, insured, licensed, and more so, confident.  Taking the time on the phone to get a quote or understanding if there may be a slight increase in price, will help in the overall grand scheme.  Make sure the locksmith gives you a window or an average window for the sake of completing service.  If you do not want to waste too much time arguing about price or when the company will arrive or even more so, rude individuals who may be extremely busy with their day, reach out to Top Notch.  Our locksmiths are licensed, insured, background checked, and set with the intent to help.  We recommend it!

Get In Touch With Us Today

Whether you need emergency locksmith help or want to improve security for your Bensalem property or in the greater Philadelphia region, trust your needs to the local experts. Being a local Philadelphia company with a secondary location in Bensalem, allows us to get to our clients quickly.  We aren’t simply called Top Notch by name, but 100% by service.  Take a moment to see why we are considered the best Bensalem LocksmithCall Top Notch Locksmith Bensalem today!