How many times a day does your key stick in the lock, making you feel like you want to curse or kick something? If sticky locks or damaged keys are a daily struggle, ditch the frustration and get help! Top Notch Locksmith is your local, knowledgeable source for quick and professional locksmith services in Abington. Whether you need help for your home, car, or business, we have the skills and the experience to get the job done. Here are a few of the locksmith services in Abington we provide every single day:

Emergency Locksmith Help

Accidentally locking your keys somewhere unreachable is more common than you might think. Whether it’s late at night and your keys are taunting you from the front seat of your locked car or your five year old accidentally locked everyone out of the house, when you need professional help unlocking and accessing your keys, you need that help quickly. The Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia team is locally based, so we can come to your Abington Township home, business, or vehicle quickly.  Please remember, if you are in inclement weather or perhaps a bad part of town, please ensure your safety comes first.  Contact the local authorities, and they will be happy to wait by your side until we arrive.  SAFETY FIRST PEOPLE!

Security Assistance From our Locksmith in Abington

On top of our emergency locksmith services, we also provide more routine services like repairing or installing new locks. When you move into a new residence or you relocate your business, it’s generally impossible to know how many keys are floating around for the locks on your property. A simple re-keying is a great way to make all those keys null and improve security. Or, if that isn’t enough, our team can come provide a full security assessment and walk you through options to improve safety for your home or business. Options may include ensuring all of your locks are properly installed, upgrading to more secure locks, or even installing a keyless entry system.

Broken Car Key Repair Services

While traveling or living in Abington, if you have happened to break your key in the ignition, lost your key, transponder keys not working or maybe broke your key with a sledge hammer, we can 100% help! Sometimes breaking a car key can be extremely annoying and agitating.  We recommend taking a deep breath, and contacting us!  We can get you a new car key or a replacement in a jiffy.  Luckily, our experienced technicians are up to date on most to all transponder keys as well.  Being educated, licensed, and insured, gives Top Notch an edge over the competition.  Just remember to not fret if/when you break your key.  We will be there to help!  Transponder keys were once a thing of the future, but now 100% a necessity to help increase ease of use, comfort, and overall security for your asset.  As we know, the winters can get pretty insane in PA, and turning on your car from inside your home…. ooh baby.

Our Abington Locksmith Checks On Quality

Do you own a business, commercial property, residential home, multi-family home or structure in Abington?  Did you know locksmiths can actually provide quality checks to ensure the security and safety of the people or assets inside?  Oh yes!  There can me a plethora of reasons or ideas to need this service.  We have a couple most common reasons, but truly if you are feeling any anxiety, we are here to help.  Are you looking to purchase a new location or perhaps just have?  We 100% recommend reaching out to our qualified locksmith team to check the doors, windows, security sensors and act as if we were the criminals who were committing the crime.  We will ensure, the business is set structurally, and will give as many recommendations as possible to increase the security to the 2021 standards.  As a new business owner, you have a lot to think about.  Let us remove the stress from thinking about a break in.  Keep your employees and your assets safe with a quality check inspection by Top Notch.  If you happen to own a home or apart of a multi-family residence, we also can check the security too. Same applies as the above.  We take the time to check all potential entry points to the home.  We ask about duplicate keys, hiding spots, keyless entry and upgrades too.  While a business is one thing for the sake of protection, your home is your fortress.  You are the captain and should ensure no one can break in or enter.  Keep in mind, while we have mentioned upgrading your home or business, we truly mean it.  Keyless entry systems are an incredible way to improve security and peace of mind in your home.  Check out some of the 2021 Keyless Entry system recommendations.  We would be happy to direct on installation or install ourselves.  These little beauties increase your protection and you can actually control some remotely.  Pretty crazy, but also a must in this day and age.  Remember, as time goes on and technology improves, so do criminals.  They will not be halted by a new device, but will try to get around.  If you do not have an upgraded type of security, we recommend looking into it!

Contact Our Locksmith In Abington Today

Whether you need emergency locksmith services or you want to improve your Abington property’s security, trust your locksmith needs to a local, experienced team. We strive for perfection within our industry, and we will always ensure to be on time, with an affordable cost.  With multiple locations around the Philadelphia DMA, we can title ourselves in a few ways.  We are quite known for being a top Philadelphia locksmith, but also based on our reviews, we are truly loved and needed in the north too.  Having a mobile locksmith unit allows us to move from each location, and get to your in your time of need. Contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia today!