Home Safes and Business Safes Install Services

Our professional locksmiths, at Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, have a multitude of acquired, and tested skills over the past decade.  A very specific niche service we off: safe install and safe opening services.  As we all know, these types of security devices store very important pieces of information: papers, jewels, money, and many other extremely important items which must be kept away: safe.  Our techs have years of experience within this type of lokcsmithing, and have handled a multitude of safes for: offices, industrial plants, cars, hotels, and  homes.  Our technicians have the expertise to handle most safes which include, but not limited to: safes for floors, drop safes, safes which go in walls, safes for guns, and fire retardent storage safes.

Types of Safes

If you are a homeowner, looking for your first home safe, our Philadelphia locksmith does have a few recommendations: floor safes, gun safes, fire retardent safes, and wall safes are perfect.  Wall safes can be installed in a multitude of areas: in the closet, behind a picture, inside a wall openly, and so much more.  This type of safe, you can get quite creative.  Some owners like to really hide this type of security device.  In comparison, we look to the floor safe, which is literally placed into the floor.  You can put these in concrete, in floor boards, in the basement and more.  As we noted above with the wall safe, get creative!  This safe, is sneakily one of the better types since many people may walk over this safe without even knowing it!  Turning our attention to the cousin, and for its specific use, the gun safe.  Clearly, you don’t HAVE to use this safe for only guns.  You can put a TON of objects within these types of safes.  Yes… some can be pistol size, but most are large.  While you want to ensure any weapon is safe from your children, it also keeps guests or intruders hands off your weapons.  As noted above, you can also use this type of storage for extremely valuable documents.  Pretty helpful.  Now, if you have worked in a retail store, and the boss, has to open this safe for deposits/checks, you will know the drop safe.  These tricky little blighters can be opened quite easily throughout the day.  Now, all the safes above are fire resistant.  You should be able to keep your documents safe if there is a fire, but cannot be guaranteed.  The last type of safe we recommend: fire retardent safes.  These clearly speak for themselves, but extremely important!

Safe Installation and Repair

Clearly you have an idea on the type of safe you need.  Now, if this safe potentially needs repairing or installation, you can trust in Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia to get your new safe installed correctly, and if needed, repaired correctly.  Keep in mind, appointments instead of emergency calls are preferred for this type of job.  We want to be able to sit down and ensure your most important assets are kept safe.  Safes are clearly one of the best ways to ensure protection, so please try to help to make sure we have the time we need.  Not necessarily preferred, but a definite recommendation!  If you potentially need your safe repaired, please be ready to supply a multitude of questions:

  • What type of safe is it?
  • What type of brand?
  • How heavy?
  • Locking mechanism?
  • What actually is broken with the safe?

Touching base with Top Notch

If you need your safe repaired, installed or potentially just looking for recommendations, make sure to reach out to Top Notch.  Whether you Google search, Locksmith Warminster or Philadelphia Locksmith, we will make sure to be on time, courteous, and ready to get to work.  Trust in the best todaY!