Rekeying Your Locks

As a cost-effective alternative to completely changing out locks and keys, rekeying allows you to quickly alter a lock so that old keys will no longer fit. Rekeying a lock simply means that we remove the inner workings and replace them in order to fit a different key. Rekeying services are especially valuable to property management companies, landlords and commercial entities where several individuals have access to keys. When security is compromised, and you believe that keys are in the hands of the wrong individuals, it is important that you get your house or building rekeyed.

Whether you’ve had tenants that may be less than trustworthy or have recently experienced the dissolution of a relationship and you need to change the locks, rekeying can help you once again feel confident, knowing that you and your family are safe from intrusion. If there is any question at all about the location of your keys, or who has possession of them, take ownership of your security and have those locks rekeyed.

Replacing Your Locks

While rekeying is an option, we must also look to replacing locks as well.  In comparison to rekeying which a tenured company will remove any spring or pin in the actual lock cylinder, sometimes the entire lock system must be replaced.  Whether this is due to damage, wear and tear or a specific user issue, sometimes a change must happen.  To be honest, this is a good thing.  As the years press on, criminals do learn more skills, and locks become hardier and more intricate.  While this may be a blessing in disguise, we do understand the agitation, and emphathize.  Even so, sometimes replacing your locks is simply due to the look or feel for your home or business.  Changing up the door knob to be a lever or adding a deadbolt or evern removing the locks entirely and going to a keyless entry system, the reaosns are endless.  We do understand, many rekeys may be apparent, but always consult with a locksmith company to ensure this is the right step in getting your security updated

By using a trusted, professional Philadelphia locksmith, who has proven ties to the community, you can experience the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that your home or business security has been handled with care and expertise. Don’t waste another day worrying and wondering about the protection of your home or building, call for your rekeying service now.