If you live in Perkasie or perhaps traveling through, you may not know the interesting history on the how the name came to be.  Do you know the phrase “One who goes to the place to crack nuts”?  No?  Well this is what Perkasie and Pocasie creek originate their names from.  Pretty cool right.  This small town is also a brainchild of the well know William Penn.  As you may have noted from prior pages, William controlled a fair amount of northern PA.  He owned a ton of land which was divided up into smaller towns over time.  As a Perkasie Locksmith, we have heard William’s name over and over again.  Even so, are there significant things which have shaped the landscape or culture of Perkasie?  In comparison to other small towns who have had a quiet upbringing with the area, Perkasie definitely has seen some action.  During the 1890 year, disaster struck in the small town.  A stable caught fire, and soon enough 10+ buildings were lit too.  During this time frame, a screaming fire truck doesn’t just arrive on the scene, this took a lot of man power to shut down.  Think pails of water and makeshift ladders.  It was one of the longest nights in the town’s history.  This then lead to a breakthrough with the Hope Fire Company who instilled hand held water pumping machines.  Additionally, the fires were so bad they incorporated a train to help sound off the alarm to allow other cities or towns to help should another situation to arise.  Needless to say, the fire was so strong it changed the local constitution.  Unfortunately, this was not the last time fire in the town, another arrived in 1988.  While they did take steps to protect themselves from another fire, it didn’t help when two boys got a bit carried away.  When we say carried away, we mean 15% of the village was burned down.  If you think this is small, think about 300+ firefighters helping with the force of 50 fire companies.  Oh yes, this is how large the fire was.  While we do look back at the past of Perkasie with remorse for the fires, we also see such a bright future for the town.  As we have frequented the area, we have seen the strength of the people who live there.  We love hearing about the specific memories from the users who live in Perkasie, and lived through the struggle.  As we are a small business owner, we admire their pride.  Looking for more information on the services in this great city?  See below:

Home Lockouts from a Perkasie Locksmith

Are you a resident of Perkasie?  If so, and you have lived here for a long time, we can only assume you have experienced being locked out of your home. Being locked out is never fun.  To start, the general embarrassment of not being able to get back into home base, but also the struggle of trying to get back in.  Our locksmith service recommends to do a few checks before reaching out to our team.  Take the time to go around the house and check each door.  No dice?  Next are the windows.  You would be surprised how often you do not lock a window after opening it for a breath of fresh air.  Now, we do recommend cutting the screen or ripping off to tumble inside, but never break a window.  While it may seem like a simple fix, these updates to your home can actually be multi-layered.  Furthermore, if you cut yourself on the sharp glass, this could lead to a multitude of issues.  We don’t need to travel down this path, you understand.  If in fact you cannot enter your home through a back door, window or not able to find the spare key, we 100% recommend to reach out to our locksmith company.  We will be able to get to your location fast, and apply the best overall price.  Keep in mind, you will save a lot more money than breaking your window, we can guarantee it.   A great way to get ahead of your home lockout, is to hide a spare key.  Do not just hide under the mat or a fake rock, but be creative.  Always ensure you are staying one step ahead of anyone trying to break in!

Commercial Locksmith – Quality Assurance Checks

While it is important to have a fire-proof or fire-safe location, it is also important to ensure your commercial business or property is protected from theft or a break in.  These quality assurance checks are set to protect you.  Top Notch Locksmith PA will use their mobile locksmith service and come to you!  Not a problem.  We will go through your business and assume the mentality of someone who is trying to break in.  Door checks, structure checks, window, safe, locks, keys, keyless entry, CCTV, and so much more.  We even, if given a ladder, will check the structure of a roof entry point.  Yep, think about it, a simple climb and entry through the roof.  Are you even aware there is a door or lock up there?  Well Top Notch will point it out and find it.  As a small business ourselves, we want to ensure the protection of out Bucks County area. Looking for a quality check?  Contact us now!

Reach Out To Our Locksmith In Perkasie Today

As a Bucks County Locksmith we love bouncing around to our northern towns and cities.  As Perkasie has been through a lot of turmoil, we have also seen massive growth: internally and externally.  While we mentioned quality assurance checks and home lockouts, we also specialize in a ton of other services, not limited to:  residential services, commercial services, auto services and more.  With our ability to move quickly throughout the area, and being a tenured locksmith we are able to arrive quickly, with an extremely competitive price for service.  As we are bonded, licensed and certified, you can trust us to get the job done correctly, with a beautiful smile.  Looking to speak with our company? Contact us today!