Ensuring your commercial property or office space is secure, is absolutely pivotal to the continuing success of a business.  Whether we are speaking to digital, tangible or a physical location, make sure your proerty and all commercial aspects are protected.  Think if you forgot to lock your office, and you come in the next day and the place is trashed!  Take the correct steps to ensure your office or commercial property is protected!  Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia is tenured and certified in the commercial locksmith industry.  We take pride in protecting the small businesses in Philadelphia!  Learn more below on the advantages of using Top Notch today.

Offices and Commercial Properties: from the eye of our Philadelphia Locksmith

Being able to contact a commercial locksmith or a company of quality is a necessity in today’s envionment.  It is important, if needed, to get your locks changed interally, locks replaced for the outdoor portion of the building, making new car keys or updating the security system in your location, quickly and efficiently.  With the ever-changing world we are in, things can happen.  We do understand the need to get someone there quickly, and will be discreet.  ESPECIALLY in the business world, people get hired, and fired all of the time.  Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia will be there to help you, in your time of need.

Lock Changes – Internally

Look, we get it, people get hired, and fired all of the time.  Sometimes this is a pretty smooth transition, but others… can get a bit rocky.  Do not fret, do not worry, do not sweat.  We get this type of call all of the time.  Changing internal locks, such as offices or hallway doors is important for your employees safety.  Just simply get a total count of doors, let us know if there is anything custom or unique, and we will knock this out in a few hours.  What is wonderful, this is not our first commercial locksmith job.  We have done hundreds of office re-keys.  Let us alleviate your worry!

Changing Locks – External

Now that we have covered the inside covered, lets move over to the outside portion.   Low level employees, when let go, typically do not have personal keys or access to the building; however, we do run into higher level management leaving, thus the need for rekey.  Now not all employees leave disgruntled, and we do understand.  Even so, the safety of your office or building and the safety of your employees is pivotal.  Do not wait until chaos happens, get in touch with us as soon as possible.  We will be out in a jiffy, get a full count of the external doors, and get the locks updated, and new sets of keys administered.  We are licensed, and insured.  Do not fret!

Updating Security System

Just like tangible locks, the intangible security system: codes, key cards, etc may need to be updated as well.  Ensuring your company assets are extremely important.  Take the time to understand your security system, and make a mental note to understand if the company for the security system needs to be called or a local locksmith.  If you are interested in calling a local company, be sure to explain fully the system you have.  While we like to assume we can do everything, there are limitations.  What we are generally interested in, is keeping you safe.  If we do get an idea we cannot directly assist we will recommend the next best option.  Make sure your security system is set, so no problem arise!

Contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

Whether you own a local starbucks, work in a strip mall or own your own business/franchise, things can happen.  Whether it is a break in or specifically needing to rekey your entire establishment, we can help.  Contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia immediately if you are in a bind!  Call us today.