Living in Warminster, Pennsylvania can get a bit hectic.  Whether we are speaking to the extreme climate changes, the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, the build up of traffic or simply just living in the city, anyone can get distracted.  We would hope you may not get distracted enough to accidentally misplace your keys, leave them at home, break them, lock them in your car or have them stolen.  As a tenured Warminster Locksmith, we have seen it all!  This blog focuses on the specifics of being locked out of your car, and some potential solutions you can take to get to safety, analyze the problem yourself, but pointedly get in contact with the best locksmith in Warminster.  If you take the SEPTA daily, this may not be of too much interest, but if you may be driving in the future, please read below!

Safety First – Warminster Locksmith Recommendation #1

As we have noted in many blogs before, safety is our number 1 priority.  If you may be locked out at night or perhaps locked out during a snow/ice storm, these would be situations we need you to think about yourself first.  Yes, you may have locked your keys in the car, but if you are not safe by the time a locksmith technician arrives, what is the point?  Take a moment, look at your surroundings and get a solid understanding on if you can wait for over 30 minutes.  Do you feel nervous? Are you cold?  Some recommendations include: waiting inside a neighbors home, waiting inside your home, going into a commercial business, waiting beneath a light pole or perhaps calling someone to wait with you.  Most to all of the above can be focused on locking yourself out in the night.  If you happen to be locked out in a snow storm/ice storm GET TO SAFETY.  Sometimes we cannot commit to our time we send over, and you should not put yourself in a precarious situation.  Get inside somewhere warm, and wait it out.

Can you unlock your car?

Now, this one may be a bit more apparent, but important to note: are you actually locked out?  You would be extremely surprised how many times we show up to a location, check every door, and… poof, we are in.  We, as professionals, do keep our laughter inside, but we can assume and most likely see your face burning with embarrassment.  Now emotions aside, if you did happen to wait 30+ minutes for a locksmith to arrive, and they get in your car with a simply lift of the handle, you wasted a ton of time.  Take a moment, go to every single door, lift the handle.  Stop at the trunk, try to open it.  Then go again, and make sure the door is actually unlocked. Sometimes in the stress of the situation, we actually have our keys in our purse or jacket.  Again, take a moment to check everything you have on you.  Take a moment to look back and see if you dropped them in the parking lot or if you left them in the store.  Check UNDER the car.  In the craziness of a Warminster day, you could have dropped them under while stepping out.  Do you have a spare?  All of these questions must be answered prior to calling a professional.  Make sure they are truly in the car!

Search Locksmith Warminster and Call Top Notch

We are in a safe position, check.  We have checked and checked and rechecked to ensure we can’t get into the vehicle, check.  If these have been done, with detail, its time to get on Google and reach out to a local locksmith.  Keep in mind, when looking for a professional while in a stressful situation, not all locksmiths are created equal.  Take a quick moment to look at their reviews, see notes on pricing, timeliness, professionalism and more.  Then reach out to Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia to get to you quickly, effectively, and at a great cost.  We hear countless horror stories of users getting overcharged or waiting for 2+ hours for an unlock.  Remember to question the locksmith on the exact time or ballpark.  Waiting for a locksmith who may not show up, is probably the most aggravating thing in the world.  Contact us today!