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More Than Your Average Local Locksmith

When most people think of a locksmith, what immediately comes to mind is often someone to let them into their home, car, or business after being locked out, someone to perform a lock change, or someone to help update security measures. But most people don’t realize that their Philadelphia automotive locksmith can perform transponder key reprogramming, key and key fob replacement, and so much more! Keep reading below to learn about the many automotive services our expert locksmiths can help you with.

Car Key Replacement

There are all kinds of reasons to need car key replacement here in Philadelphia. Perhaps you misplaced your key, your key broke when you were trying to use it as a screwdriver, or even worse, your key snapped off in your ignition. No matter what scenario has left you in need of a new car key, Top Notch Locksmith can get you taken care of! Did you know that we specialize in car key replacement? In addition, if your key really did break off in your ignition, which is more than possible, we can work with that situation as well. We’ve got you covered when it comes to ignition repair and replacement in those worst-case-scenarios. If you’ve encountered a frustrating loss of a car key, for any reason at all, contact us at Top Notch today!

Transponder Programming and Replacement

The best thing about existing in this day and age is that modern technology has changed the way that we operate our homes, our business, our social lives, as well as our vehicles. When you buy a brand new car or even a car that was made in the last 10 to 20 years, you probably received a transponder key along with your new wheels. A transponder key contains a chip that allows the car to be started upon insertion and disarms the car’s immobilizers so that you can go about your business. But what happens when your key isn’t programmed correctly? Most people don’t realize that it is usually impossible to start a car without the correctly programmed transponder key. Though the realization that your key won’t start your vehicle can leave you frustrated, Top Notch can get you taken care of! We can program your transponder key, or if you need, we can do a transponder key replacement. If you’re having a problem with your transponder key in Philadelphia, make sure that Top Notch is your first call.

Car Key Fob Replacement

As much as a transponder key is the key of the future, the key fob actually puts the transponder to shame. Many of us have key fobs for our vehicles and we love the ease and convenience that they create in our everyday lives. Depending on the kind of fob or car that you have, your key fob allows you to remotely lock, unlock, arm, alarm, and even start your car with the simple pressing of a button. But when your fob stops working, and you’ve tried to change the battery, it might be time to call us at Top Notch Locksmith. We specialize in key fob replacement and we can get you taken care of no matter what kind of fob you have.
Problems with your car key, transponder key, and key fob can leave you frustrated, stressed out, and perhaps, even stranded. Make sure that if you need a new car key, help with a transponder key, or key fob replacement, you know who to get in contact with.

Call the Experts

No matter what kind of automotive locksmith services you need, it’s important to know who to call if you’re in the Philadelphia area. You don’t want the locksmith service that only knows how to get you back into your car, you want the experts that can meet your every lock and key need. Contact us at Top Notch Locksmith today!