These days, there are an abundance of different car key options, which inevitably raises questions about who to call when something goes wrong. While most turn to the dealership from which the car was purchased, this isn’t your only option—nor is it necessarily the best option. A local auto locksmith can often provide the same quality car key repairs or replacement, and since many have a mobile option, they can come to you! If something is going on with your car key, one of the locks, or even the ignition, odds are good that your local mobile locksmith can help you out. Are you having car key issues? Here are a few things to know about car key repair and replacement.

My Transponder Key Doesn’t Work

Often, your dealership will tell you they are the only ones who can repair a transponder car key. This is because any car key with an electronic component is set up to communicate to your vehicle, and only your vehicle. In order to ensure everything continues to work as it should, special equipment is needed. The fallacy here is that only the dealership has access, which is not the case; many auto locksmiths have the same tools, so they can easily repair or fully replace a transponder key—and generally can do so more quickly and less expensively than a dealership.

My Car Key Got Stuck

Both the physical locks and the ignition in your vehicle are keyed to read the hills and valleys of your key to provide an added layer of security. In theory, only your key will be able to turn the lock or ignition. However, if one of the components has gotten worn, you may find that either your locks or your ignition don’t want to work. If you’ve ever had a car key get stuck in the ignition, it might be because the key is worn down. Then again, it might also mean the ignition or that lock needs some repair work. Either way, your local auto locksmith should be able to help, or at least determine the cause so you know whether to head to the dealership.

My Car Key Just Broke

If a key gets worn enough, it might just give up and snap. If this happens while you’re trying to turn it in the lock or ignition, it can cause some problems. The good news is, this is fixable! Call up a nearby mobile locksmith. They have the tools and experience to remove the piece of the key without damaging your lock or ignition. In addition, they can copy the key, even if it’s a transponder key. This way, you can get on the go again much more quickly than worrying about a tow to the dealership and hours waiting while they squeeze you in.

If you’re having issues with your car key, locks, or even the ignition, your local locksmith may be able to help. For help in the greater Philadelphia area, contact Top Notch Locksmith today!