Chances are if are/have been a resident in the Philadelphia area, you have most likely experienced a power outage in your home or business. Power outages happen, and they are much more common then people tend to realize. Now comparing specific home outages vs city outages, can be a different cup of tea. When a town/city/DMA experiences this calamity, many spiraling notions can happen post outage. While we are not electricians, we are in the business of protecting people. Unfortunately, we are coming from the approach of the darker side of humanity. Yes, we do realize there are not great spots in our city, and when power outages happen, the city does see a direct increase in crime. Whether they are tenured criminals or new, the darkness brings forth a sense of boldness, and they take advantage of it.  At Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, we want to ensure our citizens are safe and protected.  Being a top locksmith in Philadelphia, it is our duty to help inform.  Learn below a few ways to stay safe when the power shuts off in our city.

Look For A Top Philadelphia Locksmith You Can Trust

As we can attest, the dark ominous look after a power outage can be quite scary.  Now add the idea of theft or a break in?  Talk about a horror movie waiting to happen.  Hopefully you are the last one alive! Just a light joke, but in all honesty you need to be aware of potential criminals taking advantage of the night.  If you have a weird feeling in your stomach or want to ensure your home or business is safe, simply search Locksmith Philadelphia to find us.  We offer a plethora of services, not limited to, which can help you in this potential time of turmoil.  Here are a few locksmith services below:

Please keep in  mind, these are only specific to the situation above.  We focus on your safety and ensuring you can get in or out of a locked situation.  If you are in need of any other locksmith services, please do peruse the rest of our site.  We do offer emergency services as well, and in a potential situation, as in the one described, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Emergency Locksmith Philadelphia Services

If you happen to get into a precarious situation, such as a blackout or loss of power, do not hesitate to reach out to Top Notch.  We are on call, and available to help in any emergency situation.  We can be to your car, your home or your business within 20 minutes.  Now this of course is pending if we have the technicians available, but if we do not, we will 100% recommend a sister company who can help get you safe and secured.  Please note, we try to keep our pricing low, and want to ensure our customer is aware of what the charge may be.  Even in an emergency situation, we will give a quote over the phone.  Please try to provide the most amount of information possible about your lockout.  We will ensure, before any work is completed, post inspection, we give you the quote of the scope of work.  If something may potentially come up, we will note this as well.

We Have Your Back

It may be difficult, when stressed or locked out, to think clearly and choose the best possible locksmith on Google, Bing or Facebook.  With Top Notch, you can be mentally sound, we will be extremely professional/courteous, will always arrive on time (will alert if running late), and will always provide the best possible quote.  Being the best Philadelphia locksmith, we have tons of jobs per week, and our goal is focused on helping, and not stealing money.  Make sure you do a bit of a background check on the technician/company you choose.  Our technicians are licensed, certified, trained, re-trained, and background check.  You and your family can feel comfortable and safe knowing we are here to help.  On a flip side, if you do feel the technicians have violated any of our mission statements, please contact us through our website with your complaint, the technician, and we will setup a phone call to remedy.

On Guard And Contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

Whether you presume the power outages could happen soon, again or want to be sure you are ready, stay ready!  We will leave you with a few tips to ensure your family is calm, and under control while you wait out the outage:

  • Bug out box or essentially – flashlight, first-aid, towels/pillows/blankets, wind up charger
  • Relax in your car, turn it on and sit in comfort
  • Alternate sources of charging

If you every need to contact a top locksmith company, contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia today!