Using a locksmith for the first time can be daunting, maybe even a little awkward. After all, you just call somebody to come let you into your car, they let you in, and you’re on the way. It can seem a little too simple and perhaps a little unsafe to someone who’s never used a locksmith for being locked out of their car or home. We’re here to put your mind at ease.

With years of locksmithing experience in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, we know exactly what you’re feeling when you’re locked out of your car. You’re likely a little panicked, a little rushed, and perhaps worried about your safety. With lockout services from Top Notch Locksmith, you don’t have to be. We know there’s some bad information out there on locksmithing, so here’s what you can know to expect when you choose us.

Expectations vs Reality of Locksmiths

Movies and TV have given a false impression of locksmiths. Often making them out to be mysterious, shady, or irresponsible characters. Driven by pride and care for what we do and the safety of our customers, we treat your home or vehicle the way you would. From the time you call to the time we leave you safely inside, you’re our top priority in a lockout situation.

Expectation: Locksmiths are clumsy with the care of your home or car door.

The Top Notch Reality: Being clumsy and irresponsible with your car or building’s locks is never of any benefit to us. Breaking down doors and locks is the opposite of what we want, and causing you repairs when you simply wanted to get into your running car is the opposite of good business. 

Expectation: Locksmiths are often irresponsible for the safety of the homes they work with.

The Top Notch Reality: This is another perception of locksmiths that just doesn’t make sense if your goal is to run a thriving business. When you get lockout services or lock changes, we do our best to be discrete in the process and to make sure you’re the only one with the ability to get into your home or car.

Expectation: Locksmiths can’t be trusted with your keys.

The Top Notch Reality: Another old trope in movies and TV is that your locksmith may turn your keys over to someone else in order to rob you. We promise that most criminals wouldn’t go through the trouble of creating a cover business, finding the right equipment to match your home, and then installing security devices just so they could break in. It would be much easier to just use a simple keylocking kit to get past the lock you currently have.

Call Top Notch Locksmith For a Locksmith You Can Trust

If you’re worried about locksmiths that you can’t trust, then we’re here to put your mind at ease. Call Top Notch Locksmith in Philadelphia or the surrounding area so you can get into your home, commercial business, or vehicle fast.