Welcome back to our blog page here at Top Notch Locksmith. Our locksmith technicians are busier than ever lately as we do our best to serve our growing number of customers in the Philadelphia area. We’ve found that more and more people are opting to have their new homes rekeyed and we love that people are finally hearing what we’ve been saying all along. Additionally, it seems that many other people are using our services to get into the vehicles that they’ve been locked out of and we take pride in our ability to “rescue” those in the Philadelphia area, especially in these bitter cold temperatures.

Being locked out of your car is, perhaps, one of the most frustrating things that can happen to us, and doesn’t it always happen at the most inconvenient times? Being locked out never occurs when you have nowhere to be; it’s always when you are running late, have your hands full, or are in an extremely chaotic state of mind. This correlation between being busy and distracted and being locked out of your car is no coincidence. We tend to make silly mistakes when we’re distracted and we’re often left kicking ourselves, wishing that we would have had more presence of thought. However, getting locked out has happened to almost everyone at some point and there really is no shame in it. There are, however, a few important steps to make when you find yourself locked out of your vehicle.

Make Sure That You’re Safe

Before you track down any friends, family, or professional automotive locksmiths to help you out, make sure that you’re waiting for help in a safe location. If you’re alone, are in a sketchy area, or are in extreme temperatures, waiting for assistance could put your safety at risk. Make sure that you make your personal safety and security a priority; it would be an astronomically more dire situation if something were to happen to you while you were waiting.

Locate a Spare Key If Possible

We understand that not everyone has multiple copies of their car keys, however, some of us do. If anyone has access to an extra set of keys to your car, this is the time to give them a call. Ask your roommate, sweet talk your parents, or beg your BFF to bring you your spare key.

Call a Locksmith

Here in Philadelphia, when you find yourself locked out of your car, we consider it an extremely big deal. A locksmith like us here at Top Notch can get you into your car within minutes of our arrival. The speed, efficiency, professionalism, and customer service of your locksmith experience, will make you very glad that you bit the bullet and called the professionals. Your Philadelphia mobile locksmith will get you taken care of and back on the road in no time!

We’re the Experts

Top Notch Locksmith is serving the Philadelphia area proudly and we’re here to help with your lock and key needs. Check out our website to see our services, look at our service areas, and to contact us with your locksmith needs!