Misplacing, losing or “accidentally” forgetting where your automobile/car keys are, can be extremely aggravating and frustrating.  We completely get it.  You may have had an entire plan setup for the day, late to get the kids to school, on the way to a new job interview, needing to get to school for an exam or any extenuating circumstance near or far from the examples above.  By far one of the largest annoyances.  Who is to blame?  Most of the time it is.. you.  If you share a car, have kids or the keys were stolen, we guess you can be off the hook.  Most of the time, it is due to a lapse in judgment.  Per usual, and a common recommendation, please try to stay as calm as possible.  Please try to remember, after texting or calling a loved one, scrambling to find the keys at home or in the car, give our local Philadelphia locksmith a call.  Just search locksmith Philadelphia, and we will be on our way in 10- 60 minutes.  This is of course pending schedules.  If we are not available, we will recommend you to a refutable locksmith we know in the area.

If you in fact did lose your keys, completely, there are a few general options you can take.  Some are more apparent than others.

  • Get in touch with your specific make and/or models dealership.  As you most likely know, and perhaps are churning a bit, this could get a bit costly.  You can guarantee they will be able to help, but perhaps not immediately.  An option nonetheless.
  • There is a long shot in getting this taken care of, by you!  Then again, as years pass on, the automotive industry is evolving, and so are their keys.  Getting a key cut or getting a new transponder key alone would be a harrowing task.  Not 100% recommended.
  • Get in touch with Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.  As a top rated locksmith in the area, we are happy to help!

Knowing the kind of key you misplaced

Whether you are speaking to the dealership, a local repair shop or a trusted locksmith, understanding the type of automotive key you may have misplaced is absolutely pivotal.  If you are speaking to a locksmith, it is a MUST!  If you do not know this information, our job will take a bit longer, and will increase tension.  Please know your key!

The New Age: Transponder Keys

Almost all newer makes and models offer some sort of transponder key system.  This involves a specific chip, to your specific auto, which can communicate remotely.  Pretty nice.  Essentially, if we have gotten a car in the past decade or two, you most likely are familiar.  While quite the piece of technological advancement, they are also a bit costly.  This makes sense.  They aren’t a standard piece of metal.  They actually can start your car from a decent distance away, unlock doors, allow you to NOT lock your keys in the car, open windows, edit your seat alignment and so much more.  Yep, these are a great addition to the key industry.  If you in fact did happen to lose a transponder key, you will 100% need a new type of key.  Be wary, these sets can sometimes creep past $100 or more.  Sometimes, if the transponder is broken, you can actually use the key WITHIN the transponder.  Most of the time, you may have simply lost it.  We do urge you to keep a replacement or get in touch with a locksmith to get a replacement.

Normal Automotive Keys (no chip included)

Also known in the industry as a copy key, these keys are the oldest and truest form.  Metal or metal alloy which simply unlock the car manually, and turn the ignition manually.  Clearly this is a very cheap replacement, and with the right tool, you can make multiple copies.  Be aware, local hardware stores can make key copies, but these can actually strip your ignition.  Even worse you can actually break your key off in the ignition, which leads to more problems.  If you need car key repair, reach out to the professionals.

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