When you’re in need of a great locksmith in Philadelphia, Bensalem, or the greater Philadelphia area, it’s important to be able to know the right people to call. Finding a locksmith that is trustworthy, efficient, and professional can be surprisingly difficult, but lucky for you, Top Notch is all of that and more. Top Notch Locksmith is Philadelphia’s answer for residential or automotive lockouts, commercial high-security installation, and so much more. To get the best quality locks installed into your home or business, to upgrade the security of your property, or to get quick help with an emergency lockout, contact us! We’d love to come to your rescue!

Though our Philadelphia locksmith is used to performing any number of functions to help our customers with high-security needs, residential lock changes, commercial services, and anything else related to security, we are more than accustomed to being called on for automotive services. In fact, most people who reach out to us for our automotive locksmith services are also in need of emergency help.

We totally get it; you were distracted or on the phone and you accidentally locked your keys in the car or you were a little too rough with your car key and it broke right off in the ignition. The most common reasons to need a quality automotive locksmith here in Philadelphia are car lockouts, broken keys, and lost keys. Because all of these situations are fairly serious, you need a locksmith that you can trust to get to you in record time. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look what sets Top Notch apart from all of the other automotive locksmiths. Continue reading below to learn more.

Your Safety is Our Number One Goal

Since an automotive lockout or a broken key can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time, it’s important to first check your surroundings to make sure that you’re in a safe place. If you’re locked out of your car and it’s in a dark parking lot or secluded area, make sure that you’re able to get to a safe place before you put in a call of auto locksmith services.

Because we don’t want you to have to be stranded longer than what is absolutely necessary, when we get your call, we’ll set out as soon as possible to get to you, help you out, and get you safely on your way.

We’re Experienced Professionals

Our amazing team of locksmith technicians aren’t just your run-of-the-mill handyman or friend of a friend. Our guys are well experienced in helping Philadelphia folks just like you! We also pride ourselves on being professionals from the first call to the moment we get you back into your car or free your key from the ignition. We’re here to help and you’ll have full confidence in our abilities and experience.

Our Customer Service is Unmatched

One of the things that we hear all the time from our many satisfied clients is that we have excellent customer service. This, of course, hasn’t happened by accident; we work diligently to make sure that every single encounter a customer has with anyone who represents Top Notch is positive, encouraging, and pleasant. If you want to experience the best customer service in the Philadelphia area, give us a call for any of your lock and key needs!

We Are Incredibly Efficient

From start to finish, we want your experience with us to be nothing but fast and efficient. We work hard to make sure that as soon as we get your call, our tech is on the road, finding you fast, and helping you out even more quickly. Have you locked your keys in your car? We can get your car open so quickly that you’ll be amazed. Did you break your key off in your car’s ignition? Not only can we help you remove it, we can help provide you with a new key so that you can be quickly on your way.

We often fall prey to frustrations like car lockouts and broken keys at the most inconvenient times. It’s never easy to have to deal with these things, but it is a huge breath of fresh air when you can get quick and efficient help in your time of need. No matter your reasoning for calling an automotive locksmith, we want to make sure that you know the best name in the business.

Call The Best Locksmith Team

Top Notch Locksmith is Philadelphia’s best answer for every one of your locksmith needs. Are you wanting to have the locks changed in your Bensalem home? Contact Top Notch for residential services. Are you in need of a installation of quality high-security locks in your business? Top Notch can help you with your commercial locksmith needs. And when you find yourself in need of an automotive locksmith, make sure you call the experts: Top Notch Locksmith!