Why Should You Contact Our Philadelphia Locksmith

If you may have forgotten where you placed your keys or perhaps you know where they are, but simply can’t reach, this is a perfect reason to reach out to Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.  As a top Philadelphia Locksmith , we completely understand, being locked out of your vehicle is stressful.  You may be on your way to something extremely important or potentially just very stressed.  Take ease in understanding our technicians are ready to help: rain, sun, sleet or snow.  Top Notch has a multitude of auto services targeting: residential and commercial.  Residential services are quite clear, your automobile.  Commercial services actually speak to a wide variety of: trucks, vans, cars and more!  Our tenured representatives make the move to you, which of course makes it a bit easier than towing the vehicle in.  Unless you are perched on a mountain or down in a lake, we should be able to help.  When you reach out to our company, we will be ready to answer the phone, assess the situation, adequately provide an estimate, and be out to you extremely fast.  This is our promise to you.  If the job is robust or quite quick, we will make sure we have the tools for success, and again, adequately laying out the task at hand.  Regardless of the brand, year or type of car, you can ensure we will get you on your way quickly.

Need More Services?  See Below

  • Auto Lockouts
  • Remote Control Key Repairs/Replacements
  • Ignition Problems
  • Car Doors – Repairing and Locking issues
  • Duplicate Key Install/Repair/Creation
  • Microchip Keys
  • Key Cutting Services
  • Transponder Keys – programming and repair
  • Key Fobs
  • so much more!

Philadelphia Auto Key Replacement & Repair

As a company, we are extremely positive in our approach to key replacement for your car.  With years of service, we have seen a vast array of makes and models.  A very high benefit to Top Notch, is also our ability to turn specific makes and models away.  We will always be honest if we do not have the necessary tools for the job, and will be happy to recommend in the right direction.  Even so, if your vehicle is home grown or has come from overseas, and we CAN cut your key, we can guarantee its success.  Now please keep in mind, we do offer the ability to purchase a key through us.  We use a refutable key company which does use quality materials.  We also, and this is important, allow you to purchase the key for us to cut.  Buyers Beware, these keys are usually cheaper in price, but 100% cheaper in quality.  We cannot guarantee the durability or success if we don’t purchase the product.  Keep in mind, when we do, we would be happy to do a further repair or replace if the key is faulty.  We do 100% recommend using our company for transponder keys or remote chip keys.  While we do value many small and online businesses, the amount of times we have seen faulty products are immense.  Be smart, and trust your technicians.

Ignition Switch Issues

If you are possibly experiencing issues with your ignition switch, do not fret.  Well, we can understand how frustrating this is, but try to stay calm!  Top Notch offers affordable pricing for most ignition switch problems.  Keep in mind, most of the time we can not adequately price on the phone since these do vary from situation to situation.  Whether it may be a simple re-key or a full ignition repair, we can handle the job.  If you happened to break your key off in the ignition, ewe can help with this too!  Whether we are speaking to the need to repair the car or your anxiety, you can be sure we will take the necessary steps to make you happier and on your way.

Contact The Best – Top Notch

We aim to please at Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.  We love working in the downtown area, but also have offices a bit more north.  Looking for a Warminster locksmith who specializes in auto care?  Luckily Top Notch handles this as well.  From Warminster to Morristown, to Westchester, we service them all.  As noted above, and across our site: price, timeliness, and courtesy are the pillars of our business.  If you need to get some help getting unlocked, contact our team today!