As a general rule of thumb  for almost all types of lock and key situations, if you are in need of opening, needing a new key or anything surrounding these two types of objects, a Philadelphia locksmith may be needed.  Of course this is a generalization, but if it calls for opening a lock, a locksmith should be your first call.  I mean, think about it, it’s their/our jobs.  We literally live in the world of locks and keys for cars, homes, businesses, safes, and more.  What is an interesting note, at least to us, we aren’t limited to houses or commercial businesses.  Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia specializes in a multitude of different types of lock services.  This blog speaks to a few of the services you may or may not have been aware of.

Our Philadelphia Locksmith Can Do It All

Another note, if you may happen to be having problems with your car, if it’s a damaged key or a broken door handle, our team can handle most to all types of problems.  Take a moment to read below on some of the specific locksmith services we specialize in!

Getting Locked Out Of Your Car

Clearly, we are easing you into the locksmith realm.  If you happened to curse beneath your breath, “no s*&t”, we can give you a pass.  EVEN SO!  Our locksmith team can 100% assist with auto unlock situations.  Depending on the import model, please check first, we should be able to help out with most to all types of automobiles if you are locked out.  Clearly, giving us a call to ensure we can truly handle the task, is preferred.  One of the major reasons we want to recommend a locksmith company is due to the experience and tools we have for the job.  Our tools allow us to be able to safely protect your asset.  Popping a lock can be a bit tricky, and you definitely do not want to cause damage to your: windows, exterior paint and/or door frame.  If you are going to pop a lock yourself or wedge something into a window, don’t.  If you do, please take a moment to read our blog on: How To Get Into Your Car – A Bensalem Locksmith Recommendation or simply watch some youtube videos.  Again, not recommended, but if you must, you must.  We 100% recommend calling a tenured locksmith company to help open your car safely, and saving you the most money in the long run.  I mean, if you damage your car, you will have to pay.  Be smart!

Broken Car Keys

Most people, when a car key is broken or you need a spare, want to immediately think to the dealership.  Honestly, we do not blame you.  Most likely this is where you received your first car key set!  Many people don’t realize dealerships actually outsource to locksmith companies.  So, you are essentially wasting time and money.  Our technicians have the tools for success!  Some people, have a spare key, no worries.  Some people, have been risking their livelihood for a while, and are now in a position where they need a new key.  Don’t waste time at the dealership, get in touch with your local locksmith!  We can repair, duplicate and potentially order new keys.  These keys are not limited to simple metal, but remote and transponder as well.  Be careful when calling other locksmith companies.  Be sure they have the right tools available to ensure the job is done correctly!  It wouldn’t hurt to ask if they have laser cutting tools.  If they balk, call someone else.  If they get offended and state yes, apologize with a laugh and ensure the price is right.  No matter what, the price should beat out the dealership.  Please feel free to price compare the dealership to the locksmith!  Of course, you may not have the time to do so, but we want to ensure you save as much money as possible.

Newer Types of Keys: Transponder and Remote

If you own a set of transponder keys, you can understand these are a bit more intricate than your normal type of key.  These types of keys can open up cars, open up windows, trunk, reset seats, sunroofs, and so much more.  The amount of technology placed into these little bad boys are immense.  Even so, they can be repaired, they can be replaced, and they can be fixed.  If you are considered a car locksmith, you should be able to get this job done.  From programming to ordering, a tenured locksmith should be able to handle this situation with ease.  Make sure they know what they are doing!

Note from our Locksmith In Philadelphia

If you do happen to run into an unfortunate or precarious situation with your car, and you do have the time to research, please do so.  The internet is a monstrous source of knowledge and there may be a demo video or a resource out there to help.  Now if you don’t have the time or you have exhausted your ability to comb the internet, please do try to reach out to a locksmith company.  We recommend the top locksmith in Philadelphia, Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.  Contact us today with any questions or concerns!