As a philadlephia locksmith, the perception of poeple in our industry is one of the most frustrating factors.  We do understand, many of our competitors do not do the best job supporting or helping the public.  Whether they are brash, not timely or have poor pricing, the image perceived is generally negative.  On top of being locked out of your car or home, and the emotion behind it, you now have to deal with someone who you may not trust.  At Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, we want to ensure you, this is not our approach.  We put the customer first, and getting to you, getting you a great price, and being professional are of the utmost importance.  If you are looking for a local locksmith, look no further than Top Notch.  We will help avoid you from getting scammed!

Ask For A License

In the utmost perfect world, you could ask for a license, and check some sort of online database.  PROVE you are who you say you are.  Unfortunately, even if this was a process, many states do not require a true locksmith license.  However, and a comforting fact, if you do ask a locksmith, they shouldn’t be shy about sharing their number.  It is important because general practices and standards are forever changing.  You want to ensure you have a knowledgeable and competent locksmith.  Keep in mind, you shouldn’t feel weird or odd asking for a license.  You are simply trying to protect your security, and/or your home.

Request Bonding and Insurance Information

Now if you happen to be in a state where licenses are not MANDATED, you can back up your questions with a request to view insurance information. If they are not licensed, they better be bonded or insured.  If they are not, and damage is done to an asset, they may not be heeld liable.  Just be sure you are protecting yourself from the unexpected!  Insurance is one of the best ways for locksmith to prove they are professional.

Keep An Eye Out For Consistency

In the newer digital world, it is quite easy for someone to appear as someone else.  If you happen to see the same company logo on a multitude of websites or perhaps multiple Google my business pages, you could assume they are trying to max our their exposure.  If they are trying to brand themselves differently, typically this is a sped up version to rank.  If they aren’t trying to rank organically overtime, what else are they trying to cut corners on.  Furthermore, take the time to look into each locksmith for residential or commercial jobs.  Taking the time to look at reviews online, can make or break your experience.

Be Concerned and Question Pricing

In the Locksmith industry, there are no set prices.  Pricing is based on the locksmith, his timeliness, and his attitude.  It is important to shop around, and find a locksmith who has the best price.  Also, timeliness is a factor as well.  Don’t get taken advantage of by a locksmith who may simply be having a bad day.

If you are looking for a locksmith in Philadlephia, look no further than Top Notch Locksmith!  Call us today!