Welcome back to Top Notch Locksmith’s blog page! We love serving the fine folks of Philadelphia and we pride ourselves on being able to get to people quickly, getting jobs done efficiently, and leaving customers relieved and satisfied. We get calls for all kinds of services: lockouts, lock changes, high-security installation, panic bar installation, and so much more. No matter what kind of locksmith service you’re needing in Philadelphia, make sure that you know the right team to call: Top Notch Locksmith. We’ve been serving the greater Philadelphia area for years and we’d love to add you to our growing list of happy customers!

Though we get calls from Philadelphia and Bensalem residents for all different types of locksmith needs, some of our locksmith services are more popular and common than others. Help with lockouts, key replacements, and high-security installation are all services that we perform often, but another one of our common services is the ever popular lock change. When it comes time to get your locks changed in your home or business, it can be for any one of a number of different reasons. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the most popular reasons to need your locks changed.

You’ve Moved Into a New House

One of the most common reasons to need residential lock changes is when you’ve moved into a new home. Though the reasoning for this might be obvious to some, if you’re not a naturally suspicious person, or you’ve never had the misfortune of experiencing an intrusion into your new home, you might not think that this decision is a necessary one.

However, if you think about it, failing to have the locks changed in your new home is an extremely risky and even dangerous move to make. Since you don’t know for sure if you have every copy of your key in your possession after you take ownership of a new home, it’s vital to make sure that your locks are updated and that you have the only existing keys. Though you might not like to put the money out for a lock change right around the time your paying for other costs of moving, it’s an expense that is definitely worth making. Don’t put the safety of yourself and your family in jeopardy; make sure that you get your locks changed after moving into a new Philadelphia house.

You’ve Experienced A Break-In

Perhaps one of the most frustrating and even traumatic reasons to need a lock change, having your home broken into can be an especially difficult thing to deal with. It can be unnerving if it happens when you’re not home, and downright terrifying if it happens while you’re present. Once you’ve experienced this horrible event, it’s time to get your locks changed to make sure that they were not compromised during the break-in, you upgrade them if they were weak or damaged before the incident, or that a copy of one of your home keys didn’t fall into the wrong hands. Though it’s such an awful thing to have to go through, after a home break-in, you’ll want to make sure you get the locks updated in your home sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned for part two of our blog series in which we’ll discuss changes for locks that are older, broken, or if you simply want an upgrade.

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