Welcome back to our blog series on the most common reasons to get your locks changed. The need to get this service from your local Phildelphia locksmith is quite common and we’re more than accustomed to meeting the needs of our customers is Bensalem, and the greater Philadelphia area. Though we are absolutely equipped to change the locks of your home or business, we are also skilled in the installation of high-security locks into your home or business, the installation of panic bars, the replacement of key fobs, keys, and so much more. For any residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith services, contact Top Notch Locksmith today!

In part one of our blog series, we discussed the importance of lock changes in certain situations including after a move, and after a break-in. In both of these instances, it’s vital that you change the locks so that you don’t put yourself, your family, or your business at risk for future break-ins and unwanted invasions.

Old or Outdated Locks

Whether you’ve just purchased a home and you’re not overly impressed with the condition of the locks or you’re realizing that your locks are older or outdated and they could use an upgrade, you might be in the market for a lock change. Locks that are old could be weak, rusted, or no longer securely installed. When this is the case, instead of putting your family at risk with your untrusted locks, contact your local locksmith to ensure that your Abington home is completely safe and secure.

Your Locks are Broken

Though, as we mentioned above, locks can become broken due to a break-in, locks can also break for other reasons. When they weren’t installed correctly, your locks can fail fairly quickly and if this ever happens, you’ll need to contact your Abington lock pros ASAP. Additionally, locks can break when they’ve been used frequently. No matter the reason for your broken or compromised locks, make sure that you contact Top Notch Locksmith right away.

You Want an Upgrade

Many locks that were installed at least three decades ago are noticeably lower in quality. Though you might not have realized that quality can differ from one lock to the next, it’s surprisingly true. If you were on a tight budget when you had your locks installed, there’s a good chance that they are a little bit cheaper in quality and materials. For this reason, you might want to consider an upgrade of your locks. When your home or your business has cheap locks installed, look into some great options for ways to upgrade!

Did you know that we can provide high-security locks and keyless entry options into your home and business? Who wouldn’t want to upgrade their knob lock and deadbolts to an amazingly accurate, convenient, and secure keyless entry system?

Contact the Experts

If you’re interested in upgrading your security to keyless entry or high-security measures, contact us at Top Notch today! We’re here for you whether you want to schedule a lock change, or you’re in need of emergency services. We’d love to come to your rescue!