The bottom line, burglars, thieves, and robbers really don’t have care if you are wealthy.  The goal of these ruffians is to find a home, vehicle or commercial business which has easy access, and can be broken into without a fuss.  Whether you have a $500k mansion, a 2003 Toyota corolla or a Wendy’s franchise, if you leave yourself susceptible, you will be taken advantage of. So where do you begin?  What steps do you take first?  Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia is here to help! Read on from our expert now.

The Main Concern

In 2019, it is almost essential to have window and door sensors on your home.   Not only can you connect these devices to a security company, but the overall assurance of safety, is a huge plus.  We recommend getting a quote an idea from an expert.  They will be able to go through your home: 2nd floor, 1st floor, and basement, and provide an idea on the total amount of sensors needed.  Additionally, these representatives should be able to provide a baseline in general for all of your security needs.  It is important to have an understanding on which windows or doors are considered a high threat, vs others you can somewhat look over.  Keep in mind, if you are a bit worried due to your potential residential location, having all windows and doors setup, shouldn’t be a problem at all.  Keep in mind, and when you think about the actual process, most thieves will try to enter on the first floor.  Hopefully your neighbors would call you or alert the police if they saw someone grappling up the side of your home: the 2nd story should be safe.  What is comforting, is if the sensor is tripped or alerted, the sensor will send an alarm to the main system, which should trigger a silent alarm or a loud blaring alert alarm.  Keep in mind, you should be able to set this prior to starting your system.  We 100% recommend taking a look through the owner’s manual to ensure you have full comprehension of the system: from setup to shutdown.

Main Model Operation

When thinking about the actual pieces of this product, do not get too overwhelmed.  Sometimes when we think of electronics, we think of a large plethora of parts, instructions and batteries.  The interesting part with home security system window sensors: 2 pieces.  One for the door or window frame, and one for the actual door or window itself.  You should have an adhesive included in the packaging, but if not, head over to your local store.  Make sure, when applying the adhesives, the two parts are parallel or right next to each other.  Think about it, if they are separated: BAM, the alarm sounds loud and true.  As noted above, these products do come in a fair amount of formats, but mainly: wired and battery.  We can presume you should be able to handle the battery operated install, but wiring may be a bit more cumbersome. Reach out to our philadelphia locksmith for assistance.  If working properly, you should see a small beam of light which connects both sensors.  If broken, alarm will sound.

Confused? Interested? Need To Speak To A Philadelphia Locksmith?

If you may not want to get too involved or simply have someone “do it”.  No worries, and no judgement!  Remember, Top Notch Locksmith can  help!  Contact us today.