Welcome welcome welcome back to the Top Notch Locksmith blog.  We want to thank you again for taking the time to learn a bit more about Door and Window sensors.  Our Philadelphia Locksmith is the Top Rated Locksmith in town, and we want to continue to stress the importance of safety for you, your family, and potentially your company!  Based on the drive to keep people safe and happy, we want to urge the pivotal need for home security.  Every single day, every single new client, we push ourselves to educated users on the intricacies of protecting your home against potential intruders.  Up to the most recent point, we have been jumping into door and window sensors which connect with your home security or alarm sytem in your abode.  Lets take a moment to not simply dip our toes in, but take a leep into the deep end on the crucial aspects of Door and window sensors.  Learn more below!

The Upkeep For Your Home Protection – Philadelphia Locksmith Recommendations

In today’s date and age, almost everything takes updating, maintenance or the NEWEST VERSION PLEASE DOWNLOAD.  You get it, new updates come out regularly to increase ease of use, but also protection.  Your home security system, the alarms, the locks, and the voice activation are absolutely no different.  On the lucky side, with advancements, comes the ability to get these components updated.  What is even more impressive, most door and window senors or alarm systems will actually alert you if an update is needed.  Pretty cool right? Even so, and we can’t just TRUST machines, our locksmith in Philadelphia does recommend to set weekly or monthly reminders to do a manul update or check on the system.  This is simply to ensure nothing is being overlooked, and the alarm system is set, and actively functioning.  Another reason to manually check, is the ability for the devices or sensors to actually hold onto the door or window wall. We are not kidding.  In all of their glory, sometimes these sensors do slip or miss the mark.  Just make sure you are checking.  If you live in an area with extreme heat or high humidity, these factors can also be a reason the sensors may move or slip.  Now keep in mind, we understand the level of annoyance, but if not checked you will be living in false alarm central.  Constantly the system will be triggering, just creating a bit of unnecessary fear and anxiety on your end.  Think about it like this, if the laser beam is not connecting the sensors, the system will be faulty. Make sure to check for any wear and tear in your system.

Check Once, Check Twice, Check Repeatedly

If you live in an expensive residential h ome, and thought, “I’ll just install a camera and a doorbell, and I am set.”  Well, its definitely a great start, thats for sure.  Even so, these luxuries do require constant attention.  “Constant Vigilance” – Alastor Moody.  He was right though, its extremely important to keep checking on your home security systems.  Like we noted above, check your alarm system, look for errors.  Afterwards, head over and check each sensor too, make sure you are set.   If you do happen to notice any error messages or potential warnings in the alarm panel, call that company asap.  Of course you could handle a sensor move, but we do honestly recommend purchasing additional sensors, and ensuring you understand how to replace.  Handle it yourself, and save some time, and money.

Wait, here are other sensors?

If you are intrigued, and will press forward with window and door sensors, we do recommend… a bit more.  Even though these are absolutely glorious, we also want to urge you to think about other areas of your home.  Getting motion sensors for your front or backyard, which initiates a spotlight.  This is quite the deterrent, and adds a ton of shock if a criminal is trying to enter your home.  Additionally, getting shatterproof glass put on your windows as well.  Think about it!  We want to ensure you are safe!

Still not convinced? Need to speak with our Locksmith In Philadelphia?

We want you to think of your future.  Think how hard you worked to get your home to where it is at now.  From the keyless entry choice to an occasional update or re-keying, you can start to ensure your home is safer.  Contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia to learn more now!