Greetings and salutations to the top blog page in Philadelphia, Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.  We are the city’s first choice in respect to residential, commercial and industrial services in the area.  If our local clients are not able to get into their homes or get into their vehicles, who do they call? Top Notch.  When our local customers who are business owners find they need assistance with commercial doors, mutliple locks and full location move?  Top Notch.  Which company will come to your rescue when you need it?  Top Notch Locksmith.  We are highly reviewed, and highly rated across the greater metropolitan area.  Whether you need a residential, commercial, or auto locksmith, we can help!

What is the Top Notch difference?

We do comprehend while most consumers do call for specifics such as lockouts, lock changes or window locks, there are a multitude of other commerical locksmith services we do help with.  Top Notch does not lack in the amount of services we can provide, and we want to ensure our demographic remembers!  Our website does explain the plethora of services we offer, but does not break down the specifics of our competitive advantages from the personable side of company.  Its important to look to these human aspects because Philadelphia can definitely get busy!


When looking to the specific task ahead, we like to stand behind the reason WHY we got started in the business.  Focusing on specific core principles and ideologies, do help us keep in line with the goal: getting people onto their next path, and ensuring we do so in a positive manner.  It is important for our company to ensure a positive reputation in respect to communication, pricing, and trust.  For example, if we make a new key or new lock for you, you can trust the product we are passing over will work effectively, long term.  You can also trust the product will work effectively too.  On top of the products we create, our actual service is important as well.  You can trust if a broken key is stuck in the lock, we will get it out effectively and promptly.  Trust is extremely important, and we want to ensure you have faith in us!


If you are looking for a commerical locksmith, you want to ensure your business is in the best of hands.   The epitome of perfection.  This is exactly why Top Notch Locksmith is the perfect choice for your next commercial needs.  Whether you are needing a change of locks to improve your location’s security or perhaps would like to do a full office rekey, we are/will be the optimal choice for all commercial locksmith needs.

The next moment you may need locksmith services, please do NOT hesistate to reach out to Top Nothc Locksmith. Contact our team today!