As anyone could greatly assume, seeing or being involved in burglary is an insanely intense experience.  Whether it stems from arriving home after vacation seeing a broken window or door, waking up the next day with broken glass on the kitchen floor with electronics missing or being involved in an actual break-in with your family asleep, burglaries are something you can hope to prevent.  As a Philadelphia locksmith working in the greater DMA over the past few years, we have definitely seen our fair share of theft and break ins.  As an actual Philadelphia resident ourselves, it pains us to see these types of break ins which could easily be avoided.  Take some of the steps below your Locksmith Philadelphia trusts now:

Philadelphia Locksmith Tip #1: Are your doors locked?

As you read this opening statement, we can most likely assume you thought.. “of course… thanks”.  As basic as this locksmith tip may be, you would be surprised at the amount of users who have had “break-ins” without an actual break-in?  Who would have thought.  All it takes is a simple flip of a lock or push of a button or even a click of a remote sensor to ensure all your doors are locked in your home.  Whether you are leaving for the day or perhaps taking a longer trip with the family, make sure your doors are locked.  Kids are actually a pretty large culprit in respect to break-ins.  Now one would assume the back/side door is locked each night, but even so, some little hands may have opened it to let the dog out or simply get some fresh air.  It is important to not only instill a process for yourself when locking up, but also your children!  As parents ourselves, we understand how hectic the day to day can get, but we fully recommend the prior statement.  Have your kids do a check as well.  As they jump into the car, “Did you lock the back door?  Its your job!”.  In all reality, we are now more technologically savvy than we have ever been.  Have you thought of keyless entry?  We recommend it!

Our Locksmith In Philadelphia Tip #2 – Are the windows locked?

In comparison to the first tip, this one may make us all double-check our own thoughts.  “Are… the windows locked?”  You would also be surprised how often this happens as well.  Criminals will actually do a pass by first, a couple quick touches on the window will tell them everything.  They simply have to cut the screen and do a quick push.  Think of the smoke alarm going off and frantically opening a window, did you lock it?  Or perhaps the steaming hot summers in Philadelphia, and you open the windows.  Did you lock them on the close?  Even if its not necessarily specific to the examples above, we can almost guarantee some windows are open.  First step, check the ground floor AND basement.  Make sure they are closed.  What’s better?  Get a piece of wood to slide into the backing.  Even if you like to leave your windows unlocked, this little beauty can be the savior when you are speaking to a break in.  Next step our locksmith in Philadelphia recommends?  Second floor.  Oh yes, you read that right.  Second floor.  Now… if you are home or perhaps just gone for the day, this may not be the strongest of worries.  Even so, criminals know when users go on vacation, they may have scoped out your home or residence for months.  What’s it to a criminal to shimmy up the roof and take some shots at windows when no one is home? Not too much.  Make sure you are protected!

Tip #3? – Search Locksmith Near Me

The best type of prevention is literally taking the steps prior to prevent a potential break in.  Now of course, if we need a repair on our cars, we take it to a mechanic.  What is the best practice to ensure home safety with window and door locks?  A Philadelphia locksmith and definitely Top Notch Locksmith PA!  We will come out to your location, and test all doors, all windows, and provide recommendations which could best help you in your time of need.  Looking for additional locksmith services or need service now?  Contact Top Notch Locksmith PA today!