Did you know, almost 6/10 burgalaries in America involved a forced break in to a home, car or business?  Craszy right?  Realistically, if you do not have a deadbolt on your door, you are essentially promoting yourself to be broken into.  No really.  If anyone who is looking to steal, pillage or commit theft notices a lack of deadbolt, they will most likely try to break in.  Drop kicking the door, applying pressure near the bolts or simply weighing into the frame, it is clearly a target.

Deadbolts – A Philadelphia Locksmith Must

As a Philadelphia locksmith, we have seen time and time again, the strife associated with break ins.  Whether we are speaking to an angry ex-tenant, a ex lover filled with emotions or someone looking to get something that’s not theirs, there is typically a physical and emotional sting.  Your home or business will most likely feel unsafe, the inside may be completey demolished, and overall it is a poor situation to be in.  DO NOT FRET!  Whether you have been recently broken into or simply want to prepar for the worst, deadbolts are 100% recommended.  The good news?  These types of locks are here to stay, well unless you get a keyless entry system. Even so, keyless entry systems actually have their own type of deadbolt… we digress.  We 100% recommend getting a deadbolt for your home or business.

What is the benefit?

Specificially, these types of locks can immediately increase the level of security in your home or business.  Deadbolts compared to spring bolts, provide a plethora of advantages.  These are listed below, but no restricted to:

  • A strong deterrent from violent or emotionally agressive behavior.  Essentially a breakin
  • These types of locks truly increase the amount of time to breka in.  Its not exactly easy to break into a common deadbolt lock.  If your thief is looking for a quick break in, in and out, they will most likely have some problems with this type of lock.  The more time it takes, the more deterred they will be to complete their robbery.
  • Since these locks lack a spring, thieves will not be able to use the average tools to break in.  No knife to this deadbolt fight

There are a few types of great deadbolt locks ot look into, including, but not limited to: Keyless, Single, and Double cylinder deadbolts.  Take a moment to do your research, and potentially read more about keyless locks below.

Keyless, the way of the future

These types of locks are known for their complete ease of usability.  One of the only ways to actually open this door, is to know the code!  If you have a really top notch, no pun intended, keyless entry system, sometimes your finger print is the only way to enter.  Some systems have remote controls to turn on or off when you are away from your home.  These types of locks are 100%, the way of the future.  Learn more about Keyless Entry in Philadelpha now.

If you are looking for deadbolt for your home or business, trust in Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia to help install the best type of deadbolt lock!  Contact us today.