It is always important to remember, dedication to one’s job isn’t simply about showing up every single day.  It committing to a lifestyle.   As a tenured Philadelphia locksmith I have seen some incredible sights in the downtown, and middle-eastern areas of Pennsylvania.  Typically, being in a “locked out” situation can seem like a perilous time.  Heart-beats more rapidly, breathing increases, and your mind starts to turn into a downward spiral.  Now we completely understand, this isn’t every individual, but we have all felt it.  Even so, I am honored to service the greater area of Philadelphia.  I will continue to strive towards being the best commercial locksmith Philadelphia has ever seen.

Assumedly, many individuals assume we mainly focus on vehicle unlock.  We do, but we also fill our day with a. few other unlocks as well.  Think you know them? See below:

  • Residential Rekeying – Realtors utilize our services more than you think!
  • Transponder key replacement – Even though they are incredibly useful, they are difficult to keep track of!
  • Commercial Locksmith Services – Businesses need to ensure their privacy with well protected too.


A major competitive advantage Top Notch Locksmith LLC. has over other potential locksmiths focus around our expertise.  With many seasons in the heart of Philadelphia, we have learned the plethora of local small businesses in downtown Philly, and truly understand their protection needs.  Going above and beyond to ensure our lovely city stays protected is of the utmost importance.  I am always so thankful the business owners in this town patient and calm in their potential time of need.  The ability of our culture to make someone feel at home is always palpable.

When you are potentially locked out of your vehicle, dropped your key down the sewer pipe, just let an employee go or even need to update the locks on your new home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional locksmith.  Top Notch Locksmith LLC. provides timely service at an affordable price.  Contact us immediately if you are ever in need!