Summer is coming!  This means family trips, excursions or perhaps just some time for you and your significant other.  The summer months in the US are the heaviest traveled months of the year, and criminals know it.  When you do happen to leave your home unattended, whether you mean to or not, your home is a target.  While some of us make is quite easy, leaving doors open, others try to take security measures to deter criminals from breaking into your home.  Even though you may have your avenues covered, tenured criminals may have workarounds.  This blog from our Philadelphia Locksmith, focuses on some tactics and strategies to ensure your home is safe, and protected while you are away.  Do not let “a break in” as a reason to not focus on your vacation.  We only get a few!

Lock Up

Did you know? More than 40 percent of burglars and/or criminals state any home invasion is typically spur of the moment.  While there may be a TON of personal reasons on WHY a user may want to commit theft, we simply do not have time.  This means simply keeping your home locked, may help save your home.  A few common, but overlooked, examples are: checking and double checking every window on your home, even the second floor.  A common type of home burglary is to enter from the roof, through an open bedroom window.  Do not let it happen.  Most common, back doors, and front doors.  Simply walking around your house, before you leave, do a quick check on each door knob, can save you thousands of dollars.  It only takes a minute!  Finally, and not as common, re-hide your spare key.  If you think the fake rock is going to save you, it will not.

Make It Obvious – You Have Protection

From keyless entry, to padlocks, to yard signs, simply showing your home is protected is a great deterrent.  Think about it like this, a burglar eyes your home, and takes a step on your lawn.  If they do not see a keyless entry, or a home security system sign, they may press on.  If you don’t, you are almost welcoming someone to try and break in.  Further measures include window stickers, signs of a “dog”, and lighting.  The main reason? To show if you are burglarized, they will be caught.  Some users even go to the distance to install fake cameras.  Clearly a bit overboard, but we can bet, their homes are safe

Make It Bright

Remember the movie Home Alone?  When he used shadows to make it appear the family was actually home and present?  Same thing.  Simply getting an understanding of the cost to keep one or two lights on for the week vs potentially being burglarized.  We are sure turning the light on is in your favor.  Hopefully your street is very well lit, and if not, the lights on are a mandatory.  Some studies have shown less crime occurs in well lit streets.  Motion detecting lights are a recommendation as well!

Whether you are leaving for a few days or perhaps a few weeks, keeping our home safe and secured is extremely important.  From visibly displaying you may be home, to updating security, to double-checking, these few tactics can help keep your house a home.  If you are ever locked out or in need of new residential locks, please reach out the Top Philadelphia Locksmith today.