Having been locked out ourselves, we truly understand the frustration, anger, awkwardness, and overall embarassment from a locked out situation.  Realistically, we know this can happen at any point, anywhere, and honestly, at any point during the day.  Getting locked out is usually… never planned.  I mean think about it, do you really want to be stuck outside in a grocery store parking lot or your friends house at midnight or even after shopping with every bag you bought just sitting on the ground, no you do not.  On top of the “I’m locked out feeling”, comes the understanding of why or how we/I got to this point.  Are the keys inside the vehicle?  Are the keys inside the trunk?  Did I drop them?  There is a ton of panic with a car lockout, and usually you can’t help but being upset.

Locksmith Philadelphia is your search – Who You Gonna Call?

If you do get locked out of your vehicle, many of our first instincts would be to call a significant other, your kids, family, cousins, relatives, neighbors or more!  One of these users most likely has a spare key lying around, which they deliver to you, and you are unlocked.  Easy right?  Even so, sometimes we have no friends or family.  They may simply not be answering the phone or any extreme case.  If you are put into this situation, what do you do… google Locksmith Philadelphia. Clearly, you need a locksmith in Philadelphia, and you need them now.  Top Notch will be able to answer the call, and get to you quickly.  Please keep in mind, you may want to call the first locksmith you see.  Sometimes, this is not the best practice.  Any locksmith can get to the top page of google with simply budget.  This does not protect you, as the consumer, against potential fraudulent business practices.    Make sure you keep yourself, and your asset safe, by taking some of the advice below!

Fraud Central In Philadelphia

Over the past few decades, there has been a multitude of reports and actual filed complaints against unlicensed and uninsured company who work in the locksmith industry.  There was a growing amount of cases specifically in the Philadelphia area!  Such specifics involved in the complaints: overcharging, using old parts, unethical behavior, and more.  Make sure, when you call for service, you ask if they are insured, and licensed.  We would even go as far to ask the locksmith upon arrival.  You wouldn’t want an uninsured mechanic working on your car: its the same for this industry.  Do your homework!

Furthermore, these industry “professionals” will be given full access to your auto, property, home and more.  Think about it.. full access.  You MUST make sure these users are licensed.  You do not want something stolen or damaged by a careless individual.

Overbilling – Its a problem

A core value of Top Notch, is to ensure affordable pricing.  Too many times have we heard horror stories of overcharging.  Not only is this unethical, it truly provides a poor outlook for the credible businesses in the area.  We always recommend getting a starting quote before confirming service.  Even better, once the locksmith arrives, get a true quote then.  Make sure its firm, then progress on.  Now, we can attest, sometimes things come up.  Just make sure you confirm the price for service, the price for parts, prior to initating.  If the locksmith balks at this or tries to change the prices, its not worth it.  They may be cheating you in other ways as well.

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We always want to provide the best possible user experience.  If you are looking for a trusted business to help get you to where you need to be, at a great price, trust in the quality service of Top Notch.  Contact us today!