Upgrade Your Technology. A note from our Philadelphia Locksmith

Have you been a bit annoyed with your security over the past few years?  Whether we are speaking to broken keys, losing keys, old locks or even theft/burgalry?  We can completely understand.  While using the ol’ key and lock technique has worked well for centuries, we do recommend moving towards something a bit more… modern.  Think about being able to reset your entire security system within seconds or pehaps increase when you may be feeling anxious.  Smart Lock Technology is the present, and definitely the future in commercial/home security.  These are by far the BEST solution, hands down, in the security industry.  If you are looking to keep your home/business completely secured, we recommend looking towards Smart Lock Security.  Below we have a preferred list noting the Top Smart Locks to close out the 2019 year.  2020 is on the way!

Yale Security Locks

  • YRD256-CBD-oBP- Yale Assure SL Connected
  • YRD226-CBD-619 Assure Connected
  • YRD226ZW20BP Touchscreen

Yale Security locks are an extremely well-known brand for their techonology, service, and overall performance of their products.  Making the top 10 list, three of their specific locks make the cut.  Starting with the first, more realistically for the older deadbolt users, this specific lock has an extremely sleek look, and smart locking capabilities.  If you are looking for a top recommendation within the brand, we do recommend the YRD256-CBD-oBP- Yale Assure SL Connected.  While other models take a second or two to open and close, this specific lock is notoriously quick.  No keys included, and very compatitble with other home devices within the home.  You get a door senors, which is great for viewing from afar.  If you are in need of a control system which has: quick entry and exit, sleek look, and the ability to monitor from afar, please look to the first Yale Lock!  Taking a step down to our next level in the list, Assure Connected.  While this model does mirror almost every aspect of the SL connected, we do see a slight upgrade in look and design.  Buttons not your thing?  The Assure connected has a custom touch screen for ease of use.  Same as above, this system allows you to monitor from afar.  Pretty slick!  Finally, we stop at the Touchscreen specific model.  100% looking towards making your exit and entry as easy as possible, this model aims towards ease of use.  Really though, that’s the benefit, ease of use and installation.  Whether you look to any specific model above, we 100% recommend looking into this brand for your home/commercial security needs.

Kwikset Security Locks

Kwikset has been around for a fair amount of time.  With their tenure, they have come a long way from their first design.  If you are familiar with Kwikset, we do have a solid recommendation for your choice a new Smart Lock Security system.  If you have particular questions, search Locksmith Philadelphia, and Top Notch would be happy to assist! If we are pushing focus towards this brand, we do recommend the Kevo 99250-203.  This particular model has REMOTE access to turn your system from armed to off.  BLUETOOTH?  Whaaa.  Yes, this system has bluetooth capabilities as well.  This allows for great ability to track specific entrances, rooms, and more!

3rd Gen. August Security Locks

If you are looking for an opening or front door security system which is simple and easy to use, we do recommend looking towards the August Security brands.  What is unique about this brand, the sensor allows you the door to unlock based on proximity.  Pretty cool.  Easy install, if you have the normal deadbolts.  A really great part, to the hoarders out there, you can keep your current/old keys and locks!

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