Rekeying vs changing locks.  Most do assume they understand the difference, but unfortunately we see time and time again, constant confusion on the subject.  Changing locks vs rekeying actually is quite different, and one can save you a bit more money down the road.  Most of the time, when users see these two options, they make a decision based on what they have invested.  Typically this is a high value lock, which they paid an arm and a leg for, and refuse to throw away.  An example of needing a rekey or a lock switch would be losing your house keys.  You will be poised to make a decision, rekey or change the locks.  Take a moment to learn a bit more from our locksmith in Philadelphia on the difference between the two options.  Of course, if you have any further questions, please contact our expert team today.

Rekeying – What exactly is it?

To rekey is a lock is categorized as a simple step for any qualified or tenured locksmith.  This task should take under 10 minutes tops, if done in the correct fashion.  The specific task involves taking out the cylinder from the current locking mechanism.  Simple removing the actual cylinder.  The next step brings you to changing the tumbler/pin which involves taking out the entire lock from the door, and updating the older 5 pins with the newer set of pins.  Pretty easy right?  Now please keep in mind, for any rekey on an older or newer door, you need to understand, the current or actual key you are using will cease to function.  This is due to the complete change from old pins to new pins.  The keys correlate to the lock, and the lock holds the pins.  Pretty cool.

Now, we have removed the lock, we have removed the pins, but whats next?  Our Philadelphia Locksmith analyzes the key with eye or with a program to understand the actual key structure or depth.  This allows the locksmith to correctly choose the rights pins for the job.  Luckily, its 2020, and most locksmiths have digital tools to help get the job done quickly, and correctly the first time.  On a positive note, once the locksmith understands the size of the pins, the same set can be applied to every lock in your home or commercial business.  All keys moving forward should work with each lock, which is nice.  In general, and most of the time, choosing to rekey vs change locks will save a ton of cash, and give you the satisfaction you are the only person or company who has these sets of keys.

Getting your locks changed

When comparing locks getting changed vs rekeying, is the simple note on taking out the entire lock itself vs removing the internal features: cylinder and pins.  With any new lock, you are welcome to the choice of choosing the look.  Whether this be the type of specific color, the size of the particular lock, the brand, or perhaps if you are looking for a certain style, all of these factors come into play.

One of the major reasons to change a home or businesses locks, is protection.  This could be a plethora of reasons from: ensuring prior tenants do not have keys, installing new locks with an updated sense of security or many many more reasons.  Regardless, typically this falls into increasing safety for the asset or the people inside said asset.  Now when we look to the actual cost for anew lock, this will heavily depend on the factors above: style of lock, color of lock, brand of lock etc.  Keep in mind, and noted in another blog, it is important to get a brand which is known for durability.  You do now want to go cheap on locks for so many different reasons.  You get what you pay for!

Some common reasons to rekey a lock: keys are missing or lost completely, prefer a new set of keys for your lock, change the ability for users to enter certain areas of your home or potentially just need one key for all locks.  Lots of reasons.

Some common reasons to change your locks entirely: new update style of locks, change from traditional to electronic or smart locks, locks may potentially be broken, your house has been robbed or its a brand new house.

Philadelphia Locksmith Recommendations

We do recommend as much research as possible when choosing to rekey or replace your locks.  At the end of the day, we do recommend using a professional locksmith to help with the install.  You do not want to invest in locks, and have them fail.  With self install, there are a bunch of pitfalls: damage to the door frame, to the actual lock, to the door, to yourself, and more.  This will only increase the overall cost for this project.  Now on the other hand, youtube videos are extremely helpful, but if you have a different type of lock, we do recommend trusting in a professional.  Contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia today!