Do you own a building or a commercial business in Philadelphia?  Do you manage a staff or have to ensure the security of your business assets or the business itself?  Top Notch Locksmith PA has been servicing the greater Philadelphia decade for many years.  We have been to a multitude of businesses from Levittown, to Doylestown, to downtown Philadelphia.  Having worked in the area, as well as working on multiple project types in our region, we have seen a plethora of reasons to need a commercial locksmith.  If you perhaps need a full building rekey, new locks, updating keyless entry, installing panic bars or even safes, Top Notch is your one stop shop for all locksmith services.  Even if you may assume our specific jobs to the business industry, we do recommend you take a look below for an update and perhaps you may learn something new?

Rekeying & New Locks For Your Philadelphia Commercial Business

These two options are similar, but are pivotal if you need to increase or update your security in your business.   Rekeying is perfect for any company who wants to keep their current locks, but of course are in need of a new set of keys, for any reason.  This could be a need for a broken key or a lost key.  If you or someone at your company has lost or broken a key, we will happily pop by and do a full office rekey.  Please ensure you let us know how many doors at the location, how many keys you may need, and pictures.  Pictures can go a long way, and in this day and age, they are needed.  Of course if you ar are not on location, we understand.  The more details, the more accurate the quote.  Now, if perhaps it is a bit more than a rekey, but an actual replacement of locks, we can help too!  Whether this is from a physical break in or perhaps letting an employee go, there are reasons to get new locks set for your business.  Another one?  If you just purchased the location from someone else, we 100% recommend New Locks for the business, hands down.

Keyless Entry Services

If you own a business now in Philadelphia or planning to make a purchase, we fully recommend upgrading to Keyless Entry.  Keyless entry is the new age way of locking your doors, windows and/or business.  There are a plethora of reasons to update your security to keyless including: ease of use, ability to change, peace of mind, and overall an upgrade to your security.  The options and variations are endless with this type of lock.  If someone breaks through the door, the police are called.  If someone breaks a window, the police are called.  If someone somehow enters your location after hours or when the alarm is set, they must have the passcode to update.  You guessed it.  If they don’t the police will be on their way.  Now, we aren’t specifically speaking to break-ins, but also the ease of use to change.  If you need to update your code due to an employee leaving, easy, done.  A couple simple clicks and you will have an entire new pass code or security for the business.  Its as easy as 1-2-3.  Now if you have questions on installing or questions on repair, we fully recommend touching base with our commercial locksmith company today.  We will be happy to help.

Contact Our Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith Today

Are you excited about your new business purchase or perhaps looking to simply update your security?  We are right there with you!  As a small business owner in Philadelphia, we understand the need for protection in the downtown area, but also in the small suburbs.  No task is too big or too small for our expert locksmith team.  Make sure you provide as many details as possible on the phone, so we can provide the best possible quote.  If we are not 100%, we will stop by and ensure we give an accurate quote before starting the project.  Transparency is huge for any business, but especially the locksmith industry.  Get a locksmith quote from our team now!