Are you looking for a locksmith Philadelphia can trust when locked out of your home, car or business?  When you are having a tough day, and make a mistake, do you need help from a trusted Philadelphia locksmith?  Of course you do.  While we may have a general idea of when to call a locksmith, sometimes we need reminders of some of the services our company and other companies provide.  If you are ever not 100% if calling makes the most sense, you can get a general idea below on the top reasons to call in your time of need.  Remember, if you do reach out to a company in Philadelphia, always look to Top Notch first.  As a tenured company, we are able to provide the best overall price, and timely service.

The Locksmith Philadelphia Calls: Car Lockout

Have you locked your keys in the car?  Have you gone into the grocery store or mall and lost your keys?  Were your car keys stolen?  All of these reasons are great needs for a locksmith company to fill.  Yes, it may be a bit embarrassing, but overall, its what we do!  We recommend not breaking the window or calling a dealership or even the police.  If you break a window, unless an apparent emergency, it will cost you more to fix in the long run.  If you call a dealership, they will 100% charge more than a standard locksmith.  The police might be a great solution, but it may take a bit of time for them to arrive.  They may have other pressing matters.  Of course, if it is an extreme emergency, like a child or pet is trapped in a hot car, do not listen to the advice above, and just break the window!

Commercial Locksmith In Philadelphia

Did you terminate an employee?  Did they quit?  Did they happen to have access to your office, computer, files or assets?  A major reason to call a commercial locksmith in Philadelphia.  While it is important to trust people, it is almost imperative to protect what is yours.  Do not leave a doubt in your mind someone may be able to access your location.  Change the locks, update the keys, add a keyless entry system, something!  Our commercial locksmith in Philly have updated over 100+ businesses in our tenure with this lovely city.  As a small business owner ourselves, it hits home when we need to work on a business.  Help us protect you, and contact our team today.

Home Lockouts

One of the more common occurrences, but a further note to comment: Home Lockouts.  Getting locked out of your home is terrible.  Your initial thought is to handle the situation by yourself.  Scale that chimney, break that window, or try to open everything, just to check.  While we 100% do not recommend the first two, we do recommend the third.  While we understand being overwhelmed, it will be a bit embarrassing when we find an open door!  Please be sure to check all types of doors and windows before reaching out.

Contact Our Philadelphia Locksmith

Overall, we understand how losing keys, getting locked out or needing a business update can really hinder your daily flow.  Calling our expert locksmith service will be your best bet to ensure the flow of your day, business or life continues smoothly.  Contact our team today!